Holiday Gift Ideas for the Newly Single Mom

So your friend is going through a split, and you want to get her the perfect gift. Something that acknowledges the tough time she’s going through, but doesn’t get mired in wistfulness or sentimentality. She’s embarking on a big new chapter in her life, and you want whatever it is that you get her to show just how much you support her and care about her regardless of what her marital status is – now or in the future. Yes, you are just that awesome of a friend. Kudos.

So what is that perfect gift? Here are seven suggestions to get you going:

  • Falling Apart in One Piece by Stacy Morrison 1 of 8
    Falling Apart in One Piece by Stacy Morrison
    During the early days of my split, this book was a constant companion. It's a moving memoir of divorce by former Redbook editor Stacy Morrison, who pulls no punches yet manages to be affirming nonetheless. No woe-is-me-ing here, just a real, unflinching look at the pain of divorce, and how not just to survive it, but thrive in its wake.
  • Your Services 2 of 8
    Your Services
    What does a single mom need more than time off and a night out? A custom babysitting voucher (or twelve) is a great gift idea, and one that shows that you're willing to spend time, not just money, supporting her.
  • Something Naughty 3 of 8
    Something Naughty
    Because she needs to be reminded she's a sexy beast, not just a mom whose marriage is on the rocks. This might be seen as a joke gift by some, but in the end maybe it will help her get in touch with her feisty, I-don't-need-a-man self, and that most definitely wouldn't be a bad thing.
  • Booze 4 of 8
    But not just any booze. Champagne. Why? Because in this time of loss and endings, having someone remind you that it's also a time of rebirth is a good thing. Change doesn't have to be depressing, and this will help remind your friend that she has things worth celebrating, too.
  • A Spa Gift Certificate 5 of 8
    A Spa Gift Certificate
    Your friend needs a massage. Seriously. Trust me on this.
  • A Make-Up Palette or Similar Primping Goods 6 of 8
    A Make-Up Palette or Similar Primping Goods
    A girl needs to feel pretty, and if your friend is anything like me, her split has taken its toll on her self-esteem. Besides, make-up is fun, and even the least girly lady enjoys playing with new products.
  • A Gift Basket Of Foodstuffs 7 of 8
    A Gift Basket Of Foodstuffs
    Lord, deliver us from Grocery shopping... And with a gift basket stuffed full of food and snacks, you'll do just that - free up some time and energy for your friend, and give her one less thing to put on her To Do list.
  • A Cake With Tom Selleck On It 8 of 8
    A Cake With Tom Selleck On It
    Or something equally goofy and silly and unexpected. Your friend needs to laugh. She needs it A LOT.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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