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Digital photography has made gorgeous photographs within the reach of everyone. For me, this means pure JOY. To know me is to know how much I love photography…and the holiday season is basically one photo op after another.

Seriously, everywhere you look there are pretty things and sparkly lights and vibrant colors and happy faces. What’s not to love? The only downside is that in the middle of all of that picture-taking the classics can be lost; so to make sure I don’t forget to take my must-haves because I’m shooting close-ups of a glittery pine-cone, I have my Holiday Photo Checklist.

1. The Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree Picture

I must take hundreds of Christmas tree shots every year. I love the ornaments, the kids decorating, and I use it as a backdrop for fun shots. On my checklist is to not neglect to take some of the tree all by its lonesome; this year I’m playing with taking great shots of the lights with different exposures. So fun!

2. The Thanksgiving Turkey. This year we had Thanksgiving at my Sister-in-Law’s, but luckily my husband carved the turkey (that he didn’t cook, heh) and I could still snap a shot of him with the turkey.

3. The food, oh the wonderful food. What else would I put on Instagram? And yes, Instagram is integrated on the Galaxy camera. Cool, huh?

4. Opening the Christmas Presents on Christmas morning. My favorite part of this picture is our dog, Mollie, watching all the chaos in our living room.

5.  Kids’ holiday crafts on our Thanksgiving table. I can’t keep them all, but I keep all the pictures of them (taking photos of your kids’ artwork is a great way to preserve them forever without having to live amongst stacks and stacks of boxes).

6. Decorated doorways. The lights outside and little peek inside. Everything looks magical.

Favorite Holiday Photos


7. Exhausted kids after Christmas parties. This picture is my all-time favorite. He was crashed in his car seat with a Santa hat. How great is that?

8. The traditional reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” from my husband on Christmas Eve. Some years the boys wear hats, some years they all have on PJs, some years we forget to read it until Christmas Day because we were busy. We keep it relaxed and I always sneak a picture or three. 🙂

9. The scrawly writing on the Christmas cards that the boys give us through the years. Instead of putting the card on the table and taking a picture, I like to hold it up and get the tree or other decorations in the background.

10. The annual picture with Santa. Poor Santa, he must get tired of trying to fit our gigantic tribe in the little shot. Again, I love to hold up the picture and get some interesting elements in the background. This picture has my two youngest eating cookies in the background. It just makes it more fun, right?

The holidays and photography go together like…well, things that go together perfectly. 🙂

Each year the ten photos in my Holiday Photo Checklist tell the story of our season all by themselves: the traditions, the love, the celebrations, the goofiness, the chaos, the togetherness. I love being able to capture these memories year after year, as well as hundreds of other fun shots.

Like that glittery pine cone over there.

A big thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this campaign.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Picture

(*If I had taken this picture of me taking a picture with the Galaxy, it wouldn’t be so blurry. But now you can see how cool the screen is, it is so awesome. As a camera snob, I am so happy with this crazy fabulous camera!)

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