Holiday Toys For Tweens At Target: 5 Picks For Girls

After reading about Furby and Bop It! SMASH, you might be wondering what other toys are hot this year for tweens. Well, my 10-year-0ld daughter and I have poured over the options, and I’m here to report that there’s a whoooole lot of toys out there that a tween girl wants this holiday season. So many in fact, that said tween girl might want to start saving her allowance — Santa’s (and Mom’s) pockets are only so deep, you know. ANYWAY, here are some additional holiday gift-giving options for the tween girl in your life, hand-selected by the tween girl in mine.

LEGO Advent Calendar – While not technically a toy, I can personally vouch for the awesome of the LEGO Advent Calendar (we had one last year, and we’re sure as heck having another one this year). Featuring 24 compartments stuffed with LEGO people and accessories, it’s like getting a toy every day before Christmas! (WHEE!)



Twister Dance – Described as “a dancing version of the classic game,” this one seems like a no-brainer. Because, really, what do tween girls like more than flailing around to music together? And with the included songs being from Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Willow, and Cupid, it seems pretty clear who this toy’s audience is. (SQUEE!)


Easy Bake Ultimate Oven – A classic for girls (you had one didn’t you, Mom?), this latest iteration of the Easy Bake Oven of yore is 100% lightbulb free. Yes, it apparently now runs solely on holiday cheer and LOTS AND LOTS OF SUGAR, as this new-fangled Easy Bake Oven comes complete with “chocolate chip cookie mix, red velvet cake mix, pink frosting mix, and rainbow sugar crystals.” So expect your tween to not sleep for days, basically. heh.



Hedbanz – My daughter insists this guessing game is TEH AWESOMEZ — having played it once before at a friend’s house — and has dutifully added it to her own holiday wish list this year. Described as “a guessing game great for developing kids reasoning skills” I’m pretty sold on this one, because to be perfectly honest with you any game that involves kids actually interacting with each other instead of with a screen of some sort kind of automatically gets my vote.



LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet – It’s kind of a mantra around our household: you just can’t go wrong with LEGOs. And this new girl-friendly line by LEGO called “Friends” lets girls build everything from horse farms to beauty shops (or, in this this case, a veterinary practice). I also like that it’s not too overtly “girly” (nothing pink or princess-y about it, thank gawd), but that it still appeals to a girl’s sensibilities and interests. A holiday gift winner, any way you look at it.


Which holiday toys would you buy for a tween girl? What’s the best toy you got when you were a tween?

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