Holiday Toys for Tweens at Target: Bop It! SMASH

I have long-held (and I think well-founded) suspicions regarding noisy, blinky toys, shaped from years of dealing with baby and toddler toys, whose sole purpose often seems oriented toward driving any adults within earshot COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY INSANE. I mean, does EVERYTHING have to squeal and honk and GOOD LORD, THE RELENTLESSLY LOOPED TWITTERING SACCARINE NURSERY SONGS OF DOOOOOM.

So to be perfectly honest, this video for Bop It! SMASH had me cringing in expectation/fear of reviewing it:

All of the LOUD BANGY NOISES! THE BLINKING, OH THE TERRIBLE BLINKING! Based solely on all of that, I fully expected Bop It! SMASH to be the most annoying toy my daughter would inflict on our household in 2012, and steeled myself accordingly as we awaited its arrival.

But oh, how wrong I was.

Because though Bop It! SMASH does indeed involve plenty of noise, there is, thank god, a finely-tuned volume switch by which you can turn it down to a virtual whisper. And the lights and blinkyness? Far from annoying, I came to find these HYPNOTIC. And by “hypnotic” I mean YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO PUT THE THING DOWN. SAY GOODBYE TO ALL YOUR FREE TIME. ABANDON ALL HOPE FOR PRODUCTIVITY, YE WHO ENTER BOPITSMASHDOM. WOE. (Okay, maybe not woe, but ‘addictive’ may be too small a word here. Seriously.)

Say my name, parents, say my name.

Sure, it looks innocent and simple enough, but this toy is a time-suck on par with those very angry, terribly disgruntled birds, people. I’m not too proud to tell you all that I’ve been fighting my 10-year-old daughter off — only semi-successfully, I should add — for time with the thing since it arrived at our door a week or so back. There I said it, and I’m not sorry.

Indeed, the kid and I are also vigorously competing for the high score in addition to competing for actual Bop It! SMASH playing time. And, as of today, I’m proud to say that due to my well-developed nerd video game skills and general dexterity when it comes to bopping and smashyness, I am currently reigning supreme in our household with a high score of 68. #winning

But let me just go ahead and answer the million dollar question I’m guessing most of you holiday gift-givers have: does my tween daughter love Bop It! SMASH as much as I do? Unequivocally, yes. But do I kind of wish she didn’t, so I’d have more time alone with it to play? ALSO UNEQUIVOCALLY YES.

(Stop looking at me like that.)

So, umm, anyone here ever gotten a toy for your kid that you ended up playing with as much as they did? Is there a support group or anything?

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