HOLIDAY TRADITIONS PART I: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Christmas decorations TargetI am a Christmas maniac. Seriously, I am. I kind of hate every single other thing about winter except for the month of December and all that comes with it. And of course, one of the things that comes with it for most of us who celebrate Christmas is some level of decorating our dwellings to reflect the season. I am no exception; I love, love, love Christmas decorations. I could easily become one of those eccentric ladies of a certain age who keep entire rooms devoted to Christmas decorations all year ’round. However, I think that Jon would draw the line there. He’s exceptionally patient with my overabundance of enthusiasm for Christmas decorations, and for the amount I spend every season to add just a couple more to my ever-growing collection, but yeah, I think he’d probably put his foot down if I started wanting to leave any of them up for the other 11 months of the year. Anyway, I began collecting decorations way back when I first had a little apartment of my own as a 23 year old new mother. My own mother (who also loves Christmas like I do) had passed on a few special family decorations to me for my oldest son’s first Christmas. I remember that during that first holiday season, we barely had enough ornaments to cover a small tree. But I was just thrilled to have our own Christmas tree in our own home. Fast forward twenty years and well, we have PLENTY of ornaments for the 10 foot spruce tree we have, and in fact I think I am going to do a second, smaller tree again this year for all my overflow ornaments. For those who love Christmas as much as I do, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christmas decorations that are now up in our house for the season, and tell you a bit about where they came from (some special, some just fun). I actually decided to break this blog post into two parts, so as not to make anyone’s head explode with all my decorating pix. And here’s Part I…

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  • The First Snowglobe 1 of 13
    The First Snowglobe
    In 2002, I began a tradition of collecting a new Christmas snowglobe each year. This was our first one. We now have a decade's worth, and the kids love to see them all displayed together.
  • More Snowglobes 2 of 13
    More Snowglobes
    Some of our Christmas snowglobes play music, while others have animated characters and falling snow.
  • And yet another snowglobe … 3 of 13
    And yet another snowglobe ...
    When my children are grown and have their own homes, I will divvy up the snowglobe collection, but I will probably never stop bringing home a new one every year. I hope that one day my grandchildren like them as much as my kids do.
  • Meet D’Brickashaw 4 of 13
    Meet D'Brickashaw
    We just started our Elf on the Shelf tradition two years ago, but the kids love it already and consider it a key family Christmas element. This is our elf, whom E christened "D'Brickashaw" as soon as I brought him home (from Target, FYI). He's named after D'Brickashaw Ferguson, one of E's favorite athletes. It suits him.
  • J’s Stocking 5 of 13
    J's Stocking
    Each of my children has a special Christmas stocking. J was a pony lover from very early childhood, and so this is hers.
  • G’s Stocking 6 of 13
    G's Stocking
    The newest stocking in the group...
  • E’s Stocking 7 of 13
    E's Stocking
    Now 13 years old, well worn and well-loved. The velveteen is getting bare, but I will get someone to patch it if it ever develops actual holes because E loves this thing.
  • Henry’s Stocking 8 of 13
    Henry's Stocking
    My grandmother knitted this stocking for Henry when I was still pregnant with him. He was her first great grandchild. This will be my third Christmas without my Henry, and my second without my grandmother.
  • My Christmas Angel 9 of 13
    My Christmas Angel
    This china Christmas angel plays "Silent Night." I need to ask my mother what its original provenance is, but I always knew it as my very own, very special Christmas decoration from very early cildhood on. A few years ago, my mother finally felt like maybe I could take good enough care of it to have it at my house instead of hers 🙂 This is one of my few "Do Not Touch" Christmas decorations.
  • Happy Sparkly 10 of 13
    Happy Sparkly
    Every year I pick up a few fun, inexpensive new decorations like this one to add to my holiday mix.
  • Elves! 11 of 13
    I have these little jingly elves hanging on various cabinets and doorknobs all over the house.
  • In the Kitchen 12 of 13
    In the Kitchen
    Another Target find from at least eight years ago. It hangs on the windows over our kitchen sink every Christmas season. My sister Betsy has the same decoration.
  • Big Santa 13 of 13
    Big Santa
    This is a fairly recent addition to my holiday decoration collection. When I was growing up, we had a stand-up Swedish Santa wearing wooden clogs and carrying a sack of toys. I loved it. It was about two feet tall and when I was little, it seemed as big as the real Santa to me. I think my little brother ended up with that particular family heirloom, but last year I found this guy, and brought him home. He's even bigger - about three feet tall - and G in particular is totally smitten with him.

A big thanks to Target for sponsoring this campaign. I can honestly say that probably half of my favorite, special Christmas decorations that I’ve added to my collection over the years have come from Target. They do Christmas decorating right.  Click here to see more of the discussion! +++++ READ MORE FROM KATIE OVER AT MAMAPUNDIT (HER PERSONAL BLOG) FOLLOW KATIE ON INSTAGRAMPINTERESTTWITTER OR FACEBOOK

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