“Hope” for Mothers Day

Mothers Day ! It’s always been flowers, dinners, family gathering together.  I’ve always seen it as a day to honor my Mom. I haven’t yet grasped the whole “it’s about me” thing.  This year it’s quite different. All of my siblings are gathered, but, it’s not as joyous as years in the past.  The last few weeks have been hell for my family. My mother had a heart attack and then needed to undergo heart surgery.  Her recover has been long and tedious. At first, it took her a while to wake up.  Each day she’s seemed to have some sort of set back. Yesterday, they considered intubating her for because her CO2 levels were so high.  They had to draw fluid away from her lungs, which is a procedure they do by inserting a needle through her back.  She is now suffering from delerium.  This is common for those who spend time in the ICU.  (You can google it, it’s called ICU Syndrome)  For the last 2 weeks, she has been unable to eat, speak, move or sit up.  My best day with her was a morning that I got to feed her ice chips with a spoon. Simple, trivial, role reversal maybe – but, I loved it.


I never know what to get my mother as a gift for any occasion. She never “wants” anything. She lives with my husband and I so she rarely NEEDS anything. I try to be sure of that. This year, for a Mother Day gift, I want to give her hope.  I know it sounds crazy.  As a matter of fact, I bet I’ll get tons of resistance from my siblings, hospital staff etc.  But, this year, I want to try to give my mother hope.  How?  I’ve spent many days at her bedside in that hospital room where things seem so small.  A movement, an opening of the eyes.  It’s been so exhausting. When I step foot out of the hospital, even just out the door, there is a feeling of ease.  The world is out there. Fresh air, sunshine. It truly makes a difference.


For Mothers Day this year, I want to see if I can get her outside.  Hear me out. If she needs a CT scan, they have to move all the machines, her bed, everything attached to her to a different spot in the hospital.  Why can’t they just take it a step farther and let her be outside for 5 minutes? Germs?  Folks, there are more germs inside a hospital than any place else int he world. Liability, I’m willing to take that on to chance that maybe it will snap my Mom out of ICU Syndrome.

Pray that I can try to give my mother “hope” this Mothers Day and get her to spend 5 minutes outside in the world. In the sun. Weather forecast for Mothers Days in Nashville Sunny and 64 degrees.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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