Hot Date Night with Kinect

Cody and I don’t go out much, two little kids with no family around means legit dates around these parts are a little sparse. BUT NEVER FEAR! Once the littles are in bed we find our own ways to date in the living room. We have a few card games we like to play, there used to be a few board games as well until Cody started to pout about me winning every time. There was a time we used to play a version of Tony Hawk Pro Skater on whatever game system we had in our early years of parenthood and we had a blast playing together once the baby was in bed.

That is until Cody couldn’t sleep one night and played Tony Hawk for 8 straight hours and became so good I couldn’t even come close to competing with him. We’ve found a few other video games here and there that we enjoy playing together but never have we had more fun than our Xbox dates as of late. We had so much fun Thursday night, Cody’s pants fell off and I peed a little.

I received a package of new Xbox 360 + Kinect games Thursday afternoon and as soon as the little girls were in bed I demanded Cody play the new Dance Central 3 game with me. We started out with a pretty easy song. The third song we chose was “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida featuring Sia. I was on medium, Cody on beginner. And one point Cody panicked because his basketball shorts were slipping off.

“My pants! They’re falling down! UH OH.”

I saw a flash of black fabric fly in front of me, dude didn’t even stop dancing to kick is pants out of the way, let alone put them back on.

One fun feature of Kinect is that it takes photos of you while you play and at the end of the game it shows them to you in a slideshow. I told Cody “I have the Kinect set to automatically upload all the photos from this game to Facebook!”

He hit the floor so fast and hard I thought he had died.

“YOU HAVE TO STOP THEM! I’M IN MY UNDERWEAR!” Cody’s voice gets super high pitched when he’s stressed.


“RRRREEEEDDDDD!” (my nickname)

By that point I could barely breathe from laughing so hard, I had gone completely silent and had tears streaming down my face. Cody was army crawling across the floor to get his shorts while I tried to squeak out a “Just kidding! The photos don’t upload automatically!”

When the song ended it played back our dance slideshow.

1. Both of us fully dressed and dancing.

2. Cody dancing without pants, me dancing with pants.

3. Just me dancing, Cody diving out of the frame.

4. My doubled over in laughter, not dancing at all, Cody still out of the frame pantsless and scared.

By the time the slideshow ended I sort of wished the photos really had automatically uploaded to Facebook. Cody is a dead serious sort of dude, so to see him dancing in his underwear? I’m never going to stop laughing to myself when I replay the scene over in my head.

Tonight I did a little more research into saving the photos taken while playing Kinect and found out that the photos can’t be used or shared unless you say so. And even if photos are saved, it’s up to you who gets to see them. Game publishers are always required to disclose if photos or videos are being taken, tell you where they are being stored, tell you how to access them, and allow you to preview them.

Which basically means if your pants do fall off in the middle of a game, no one will know unless you tell them.

Cody’s pants falling off while dancing hip hop in our living room, best date night we’ve had in awhile.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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