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Toula Restaurant at the Westin Habour Castle in Toronto

As you have probably gathered by now I’m writing several posts on The Westin Habour Castle hotel in Toronto.  I live in Toronto which means I’m, obviously, a sucker for the hotel experience.  I’m also a sucker for good food, which brings me to Toula, the restaurant perched on the 38th floor of the hotel and offering a 360 degree view of the city.  Once upon a time this restaurant revolved, offering guests a chance to see the entire city from many angles.  Unfortunately, it also meant you had a hotel guest peering over your shoulder as you tried to enjoy your steak.  The restaurant ceased to revolve around a decade ago and since then Toula (the newest owners) have lured patrons in with their promise of good wine and food.  Not to mention, the view.

With a promise of a wonderful night, I suggested the girls wear their pink satin Super Girl capes to dinner.  And I’m glad we did! As we exited the elevator to the restaurant, we found about two hundred Swedish women in Disco costumes singing a cappella versions of ABBA songs.  It’s like they did it just for me.

Swedish Mothers let loose in Canada. Let the party begin!

Our table was book ended by the Singing Swedes and a Happy 90th Birthday.  I really wanted to ask the birthday table if they offered any entertainment value, but I refrained and just focused my attention on the blond ladies in glitter pants and Afro wigs.

Fortunately, they were able to squeeze in the kid’s meals fairly quickly which meant the children had ample time to start roaming the restaurant in their satin capes.  Not something I would allow if there didn’t already seem like an “anything goes” vibe on that particular night at Toula (which I’m guessing is not the norm – it’s a fine dining restaurant).  And I was on a “family” getaway, so anything I did that weekend was going to include my kids.  And I’m sorry, some of these women had glowing necklaces and sparkling purple eye lashes.  They enjoyed having my five year old tell them they looked like mermaids as she stood, fists on hips, with pink satin trailing behind her.  Still, I’m quite reserved about my children and restaurants.  I always make sure they are family-friendly and not too upscale as to possibly be sat next to a couple that is about to get engaged.  No one needs to hear “Will You Marry Me?” while listening to my baby point at me repeating over and over again “MY Momma. That’s MY MOMMA.  My Momma”.  She wants to make it very clear…what can I say?

Our dinner. And it was delicious.

But considering the kitchen was slammed and the kids were on the verge of coco loco we asked our lovely server if he wouldn’t mind sending the food to our room so we could enjoy our meal while the children watched a movie about a vocal chipmunk.  Considering the immediacy that they jumped at our request I don’t think they minded, but they did encourage us to come back for the ABBA cover band.  Call ahead as I think this is a once in a decade experience.

Our dinner was delicious, the meat was cooked to perfection and combined with a truly delicious wine.  All in the comfort of our own room.

Have I mentioned I’m also a sucker for good service?  Because I am.  More on that in the next post….

Oh, and I’m really sorry if you now have “Take A Chance On Me” repeatedly playing in your head.  It’s an incredibly catchy tune.

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