How Cookies Really Won the Superbowl

Perhaps you heard the power went out right after halftime during Superbowl 47. Had it not been for twitter millions of us would have been eating extra snacks in order to avoid the pointless filler commentary rather than tweeting. There were some distasteful jokes that involved FEMA, rich people locked in the Superdome and suggestions that maybe the Superbowl shouldn’t be held in a former homeless shelter. There were also jokes and quips about Beyonce taking all the energy for herself and lots of “Ray Lewis, in the Superdome, with a candlestick” jokes. Whether you’re a football person or not, you have to admit that some of these tweets from brands, celebrities and everyday people are pretty funny and made the whole ridiculous ordeal a lot more entertaining.

How Oreo Won the Superbowl

Also? I have a feeling someone at Oreo will be getting a pretty serious raise.

Portlandia (ifcportlandia) on Twitter

(Portlandia is an artsy fartsy comedy on the Independent Film Channel.)(60) Twitter-2

Rumor is Joe Harbaugh, the third Harbaugh brother was the Superdome electrician.

(40) Twitter-1

The Illuminati ™ (WeEnlighten) on Twitter

Timely response Illuminati, timely.

(1) Jake Oakman (jakeoakman) on Twitter

Maybe Duracell and the bunny could team up and laugh in the Superbowl’s general direction?

(40) Twitter-2

And Batman never showed up. Lame.

(40) Twitter

It’s okay, you’re so cute!

Andrew Hanelly (hanelly) on Twitter

Me too, let’s be honest.

Audi (Audi) on Twitter

For any of you unfamiliar, the sponsor of the Superdome is Mercedes-Benz which means Audi: 1 Mercedes-Benz: 0

Dave Ramsey (DaveRamsey) on Twitter

If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey’s financial advice, you’ll know why this is hysterical.

Joe Schmidt (joeschmidt) on Twitter

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oooooh…

PBS (PBS) on Twitter Jon Acuff (jonacuff) on Twitter

And the Countess of Grantham said “So it shall be.”

rands (rands) on Twitter

That’s TTF Jersey bold my friends. Hey, as long as it’s not comic sans. Am I right?

rose (webchyk) on Twitter

December 21st my foot. Sneaky Mayans.

Ryan Sarver (rsarver) on Twitter

Hey, I haven’t seen the #FailWhale in a LONG TIME. Twitter has come so far.

Shaun Peoples (ShaunPeoples) on Twitter

Mmm, I’d say five.

SuperDome Lights (SuperDomeLights) on Twitter


The Oregon Duck (TheOregonDuck) on Twitter

Oh Oregon, I blame those stupid shiny helmets you tried to play in this season.

Tina Dupuy (TinaDupuy) on Twitter

Nipples are totally commonplace these days. I saw a nipple today, know what I said? “Nipple?” *YAWN*

State Farm (StateFarm) on Twitter

And that’s why I’m with State Farm.Walgreens (Walgreens) on Twitter

And also why I’m a loyal Walgreen’s customer.

Entergy New Orleans (EntergyNOLA) on Twitter

Way to cover your tracks ENTERGY NOLA. Fingerpointing is super classy.

Oreo On Twitter


Perhaps you remember that the Superbowl was in Indianapolis last year, I happen to live in Indianapolis and you know what? Our year went off without a hitch.

J.W. Marriott all Super

See you in 2018 Superbowl.

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