How I Keep My Baby Safe (Without Being a Helicopter Mom!)

Can I talk about my first car trip with Bee? I was such a wreck that I can’t believe I didn’t wreck. It’s the truth. Because I had a home birth, our first car trip with our newborn wasn’t until she was 11 day sold. And if I had my way, I’d probably still be refusing to drive her around and accept a life of hermit-dom for all eternity. Yet luckily, I don’t have my way. Because life goes on, and eventually, you need groceries. Or you know, fresh air.

But the good news? I’m slowly discovering how to keep Bee safe and sound while on the road. And funnily enough, it has nothing to do with preparations, kits or rules. And it has everything to do with letting go.

Admittedly, I’m a reformed helicopter mom (that relapses every now and then, yes, but don’t we all?). If hovering was an Olympic sport, I’d win gold, silver and bronze because I’d hover over all of my competition until they passed out from the craziness. And then I’d hover some more.

I don’t mean to, really. I just want to keep my kid as safe as I can. But in the car? Hovering is the opposite of safe. Reaching into the diaper bag to make sure you remembered a spare onesie? Unsafe. Trying to stick a pacifier in the mouth of the fussy baby in the back seat? Unsafe. Looking up lullabies on your smart phone to calm that same fussy baby that wouldn’t take the pacifier you just tried to give her? Also unsafe.

For me, the safest thing I can do for Bee while on the road is to try my best to ignore her completely and instead, focus on the road. Sure, I check the rearview mirror at each stoplight (probably more than is healthy, really) to make sure she’s content. And if she’s not? I do the only thing i can:

Turn up the radio and keep driving, knowing the best thing I can do for her safety is to arrive at our destination in one piece.


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