How NOT to Dress Like a Tourist in New York City



Okay, so we’re all guilty of it. Stuffing our suitcases full of all our “trendy” clothing before a trip to a new city. When I first visited Paris, I was shocked by how few women were sporting striped shirts with scarves. When I stopped by San Francisco for the first time last year to visit Liz, I realized I’d packed way too many windbreakers.

For that reason, I’m trying to forgive all the hordes of tourists in New York City who wait in lines outside Abercrombie & Fitch or stock up on fedoras during their first visit to the city. There are some unspoken fashion dos and don’ts among New Yorkers that outsiders may not entirely be aware of. Here are a few items you might want to avoid when you take a trip to New York City.

  • Straw Fedora 1 of 10
    I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the fedora trend. Maybe you could pull off this straw fedora at the beach, but I rarely see them on the New York streets.
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  • I Heart NY Tee 2 of 10
    Just because you can buy one of these tees on every street corner, it doesn't mean you should wear it up and down 5th Ave! Buy a tee as a souvenir, then leave it in the suitcase.
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  • Hollister 3 of 10
    If you walk down 5th Avenue in New York on any given day, you will always find hordes of tourists lined up outside Hollister. You probably won't ever find New Yorkers inside a Hollister store, though. Don't fall into the tourist trap!
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  • High High Heels 4 of 10
    There is a time and a place for high heeled pumps. You'll see lots of heels at New York fashion week or outside of clubs on Saturday nights. Most New York women, though, opt for something more comfortable to wear during the day.
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  • Ed Hardy 5 of 10
    When it comes to this particular brand of clothing I have two words for you: just don't.
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  • Subway Tee 6 of 10
    Yikes. Please, if you choose to visit New York, do not bring this tee with you. Just steal quick glances at your subway map like everyone else. Every New Yorker gets lost sometimes!
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  • Oversized Handbags 7 of 10
    Even though this handbag is gorgeous, it's unlikely you'll see a New York woman toting this child-sized bag on the subway. Space is limited in Manhattan, especially on public transit!
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  • Over-Accessorize 8 of 10
    New Yorkers take their cues from Coco Chanel, who was preoccupied with simple, classic accessories. Stick with a simple statement necklace and stay away from the studded, the colorful, and the bangled!
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  • Ruffles 9 of 10
    Ladies, ruffles are so 2007. New Yorkers are over the ruffled trend and have moved on to something a bit edgier: leather!
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  • Bad Pattern Mixing 10 of 10
    There's nothing inherently wrong about mixing patterns - women in New York pull it off all the time! If you're visiting soon, though, try to avoid pairing stripes and chevron.
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Main image, graphics by Ashley Aikele

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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