How the Xbox 360 Prevented 10,000 Brotherly Battles

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Boys.  They have soooo much energy!

Sometimes the extra energy, combined with sunset before 5pm, makes for boys who fight.

Sometimes out of boredom, or to see who gets the good spot on the sofa, or because they all think they burped the loudest…and sometimes seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

My husband promises this is normal, but it’s something that I may never get used to. It’s a foreign concept for me to think that the best way to resolve a conflict is to tackle the other person, wrestle him to the ground, pin them, and “torture” with tickles and taunts.

Of course, they battle when they are happy, too!  They hug, wrestle, fight– and then hug again. When they start fighting I yell, “Hey guys, are you happy fighting or angry fighting?” Nine times out of ten, they are happy fighting. So, yeah…it’s all in good fun, nobody gets hurt, and it’s their nature.

But sometimes a Mom just needs some peace and quiet, y’all.

Enter Xbox 360. Increasing the quality family time we have together means occupied boys. Occupied boys tend to not be battling boys.

The boys REALLY love playing games. I REALLY love that it helps get some of that energy out– the jumping and running and arm waving and I don’t even know what they are doing half the time. But they are moving, getting some of that boundless energy out, and that’s a great thing for a dark winter evening.

And no battles! Behold the fun:

  • The buttons and the toggles and the levers and the other buttons. 1 of 6
    The buttons and the toggles and the levers and the other buttons.
    KIds love 'em!
  • Little brother gets to play with big brothers. 2 of 6
    Little brother gets to play with big brothers.
    So big! So proud!
  • Jump! 3 of 6
    Not sure what they are doing here, but there was a lot of jumping!
  • Quick feet! 4 of 6
    Quick feet!
    Faster! Faster! FASTER!
  • Quick hands! 5 of 6
    Quick hands!
    It's very important that you move your hands SUPER FAST!!! GO GO GO!
  • Kids on the sofa are just itching… 6 of 6
    Kids on the sofa are just itching...
    ...for their turn. You can't tell but they are very impatient!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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