How to be Happier: Making Time for Laughter and Love

Kids never get tired of certain things: ice cream, classic cartoons, seeing cute animals and snuggling. OK, maybe that describes me, but luckily it really does describe the kids, too.

Every night I snuggle with each kiddo before bed for about 5 minutes. I listen to how the school day went and we talk about whatever is on their mind. When something is bothering them it is the few moments right before bed that I will hear about it.

Lately we all look forward to our routine of looking at cute animal pictures together. I can’t even remember how the routine started, but it’s a tradition that the boys love. I started collecting the animal pictures that the kids loved on a tumblr called, For My Kids.  The boys and I wanted to share our favorites with you.


Here are the 10 most amazing animals of the week, as curated by my sons. Enjoy!

1. The Confused Squirrel


2. Ninja Frog


3. The Happy Couple


4.  Over the shoulder seal of approval


5. Chick with hat? Yes, please!


6.  DogShaming never gets old


7. Can’t. stop. laughing.


8. The coolest owl gif ever


9. The happiest turtle


10.Comfy bunny

*All images are posted on tumblr and can link back to the photographer.


See how good you feel now? I supplied the cute animals, now you go find someone to snuggle.




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