How to Choose Your One Word For 2014 & Make it Stick

Resolutions are out. Words are in.

The hottest self improvement trend of the New Year involves simplifying and decluttering. It all boils down to this: choosing ONE word. All of your intentions, hopes, dreams, challenges, goals etc get contained in that One Word.

It’s a bit like a mantra. A way to focus yourself. It seems like all of my friends are taking the #OneWord challenge this year, and then engraving that word on their jewelry, emblazoning it on sweatshirts, and more.

I had a terribly tough time choosing my One Word for 2014.  Words have always had an immense power over me. Choosing just one word really scared me at first.

What if I change my mind? What if I gain or lose weight and the word no longer fits? What if I accidentally choose a sensible family sized noun with sliding doors when what my soul really needs is a sexy two seater verb without a backseat?


My first #OneWord challenge was to work through my commitment issues, which I did over at Momfluential. I finally got over myself and chose a word that felt like it fit. My word is Bask


It’s a slightly awkward word that demands a certain amount of trust/vulnerability and luck to do it well. Cats are good at it.  I’m not so great at it. I never stop to enjoy my accomplishments or the lucky moments that land at my feet. I’m too busy sheltering for the next storm.

This year I want to learn to let my guard down and bask in all the rays that poke through the clouds. In order to keep my One Word top of mind,  I’ve rounded up a collection of gear and goodies sure to keep your word top of mind.

  • Gear and Goodies to Help Your One Word Stick 1 of 9
  • One Word Stickers 2 of 9

    Stick these handy stickers from Moo on almost anything to be reminded of your one word. From $9.95

  • Wear it Proud! 3 of 9

    Is wearing your One Word on you your check like wearing your heart on your sleeve? Pick up this simple tee at Skreened. From $19.95

  • Carry Your Word on Your Keychain 4 of 9

    I always have my keys on me, and with this keychain from Zazzle, I'd have a reminder of my One Word too. Designs from $3.95

  • Make a Case of It? 5 of 9

    Design a custom case with your word? Why Not. It seems pretty easy at Get Uncommon. From $34.95

  • Tattoo Yourself 6 of 9

    I have friends who have gotten permanent One Word Tattoos. While I might not go that route, I do like these temporary tattoos from StickerYou. From $12.99

  • Sleep On It 7 of 9

    Dream about your One Word with this pillowcase from Spredshirt. From $17.95

  • Wake Up to Your One Word 8 of 9

    A coffee mug with your One Word from Cafe Press is a perfect way to start the day with good intentions. From $14.49

  • The Key to Your Heart 9 of 9

    If your One Word is the key to achieving your goals, then this Word of the Year  necklace from Lisa Leonard seems about perfect! $45.00

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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