How to Ice Skate for Toddlers

Of the many activities I’m teaching my son, one is procrastination.

I’ve taught him all the important things: farting audibly and announcing it to bystanders, getting cookie crumbs all over the couch, making that “ahhhhhhh” sound after he drinks something that hits the spot, and declaring which bathroom number he counted to on the toilet.

He is my son after all.

But, last week I taught him to ice skate. Finally.

And to document the whole thing, I brought my Samsung Galaxy camera. My wife was gracious enough to capture the whole ordeal, and needless to say, I’m glad it had image stabilization because her chuckles would’ve ruined the photos.

The Galaxy was an absolute savior in getting these shots because I needed something that could capture both flailing and stationary images. It accommodated both. In stunning color.

1. Get Ready

Not all cameras are toddler-proof. Most of my smartphone photos end up being ghost-like impressions of a Flamenco dancer twirling like a Whirling Dervish. The Galaxy handled my son’s spastic, jerky movements like a pro.

He never stays still. But neither does the Galaxy. Between the touchscreen display and the massive number of features, Booyah. Galaxy 1, Toddler 0.

2. Assume the Position

Yes, my son could have just “taken lessons” or “learned from a professional” or “enjoyed hanging out with his father” but that’s why you have a dad: to teach you stuff professionals know in a way that isn’t exactly correct. Sorta.

My technique is shotty, I know. But I make up for it with bad posture. See?

3. Repetition

I held this position for what seemed like the entire Jurassic Period. I should have used a Pterodactyl.

Thankfully, the camera was lightweight enough that my wife had no problem holding it up for minutes and minutes. And with the continuous shot setting, we could capture multiple angles and shots effortlessly…

…while I ‘efforted’ away. You’ll notice I had to remove my coat.

4. Take Breaks

He looks pretty comfortable, right? He should. I was basically carrying him around the rink the entire time. Imagine a toddler doing the “running man” dance with ice skates, suspended three inches off the ice.


5. Victory Pose

After a job well-done, my mom and her boys celebrated like Austrian bodybuilders on Pixie Stix. Yeah, we fell down a lot. And yeah, we didn’t exactly accomplish everything we set out to do.

But we captured every imperfect second. I’m thankful for that.

A big thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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