10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

My friend just quit her job after five years. As she found, and as many find when they realize it’s time to move on, the end of a particular job never feels like a good place to be.

And yet if we recognize that we are at the end of a particular journey in our professional life, we’re in the very best possible place to start anew. Here are ten ways to figure out if you’re really at the end of your journey — so that you’ll know it’s time to start afresh.

  • You’re All Worn Out 1 of 10
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    You're tired, cranky, and good to nobody. It may be time for you to take more than a good, long two-week vacation. What about taking some real time off? Quitting your job because you're tired is a huge decision, and not one to be made lightly. But remember that change may be just as effective as rest at rejuvenation. 

  • The Road Ahead Looks Too Long 2 of 10
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    Got a huge project coming up and can't find any motivation to get started? It may be a sign that you're not that interested in what you're doing anymore. If so, consider thinking about what is you would like to do. Is it a new career entirely? Or just a new place to do what you do best?

  • You Feel Alone 3 of 10
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    If you don't have a good colleague or team beside you -- and that's an important part of a healthy work environment for you -- consider trying to find a position that does offer that. Working with others can be a huge asset for many people's work lives, and if you crave that kind of companionship and camaraderie, seek it out. 

  • You’re Distracted By Shiny Objects 4 of 10
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    Do the want ads get you excited each morning? Do you scan Craigslist daily for new gigs? If you're easily distracted by other jobs that might exist out there for you, it might just be time to try your hand at one of them, instead of the one you're supposedly doing. Think about what appeals to you about another job, and then dive into finding exactly that, somewhere else.

  • You’re in Hiding 5 of 10
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    I once knew a girl who didn't like to tell people where she worked. No, she wasn't doing something illegal -- she just was so not proud of her job that she didn't want to talk about it. If that's you, think about if there is something you could be doing that would get you talking. 

  • You Feel True Despair 6 of 10
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    If you are genuinely unhappy in your workplace (you'll know if you are), take a few minutes out of every day to actively work on getting out. True despair sometimes can't be turned out, and it may be time to just pack up and move on. After all, you're already unhappy, so any other position that offers the promise of something better would be worth your while. 

  • The Path You’re on Bores You 7 of 10
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    If the path you're currently on has become a bore, you've got to seriously think about if it's possible to rejuvenate it, or if it's time to move one. Don't spend the best years of your life doing something you're bored to tears by. 

  • You’ve Been Caught 8 of 10
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    "Borrow" the office stapler one too many times? It may be a sign that you're no longer respecting the place you work. Get out -- for their sake, and your own. 

  • You Can’t See an End. And that Bothers You. 9 of 10
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    If you can't see an end in sight to your current position, and that bothers you, that's a problem. Think about why it bothers you, and what that really means for you. If it means more than "I like to know where my life is going and I'm not sure", it may be time to consider leaving your current position for something that does offer a more visible future. 

  • You Already See the New Beginning 10 of 10
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    You're luckiest of all if it's clear as day that a new beginning lies ahead of you. You've already got the new job offer, say. Or you've already found the perfect partner for your new venture. Maybe you see a new beginning, but you're just scared to take the step. If that's you, feel lucky, and get started. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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