How to NOT Dress Like a Tourist in San Francisco


Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

So you heard it’s ‘kind of chilly’ in San Francisco in the summer but it seemed so ridiculous to think a light cardigan wouldn’t be sufficient with the shorts and sandals packed in your suitcase. Locals of San Francisco can always spot the out-of-towners, so if you’re looking to truly blend into the San Franciscan crowd, here are a few things to avoid wearing on your next visit:

Curling Iron

The weather will do a serious number on your locks once you cross that Golden Gate. Don’t bother with fancy set curls, just embrace the windblown look (all the cool kids are doing it)

Shorts Of Any Kind

This is the biggest give away you’re not from around here. Everyone knows that San Francisco is freezing in the summer and bright summer shorts are no where to be be found except on tourists who didn’t heed the warnings.

Weekday Jeans

We all love our weekday jeans but a trip to SF is a chance to try a bold new trend, like acid wash jeans or how about those leather leggings??


Don’t get me wrong, I love the Giants too but an oversized sweatshirt is a sure sign you’ve just arrived here and had to buy the first thing at the tourist shop because you didn’t really believe San Francisco was that cold in the summer.

High Strappy Sandals

Save them for L.A., friends. This city has a lot of walking and steep dangerous heels. Leave the heels, pack the flats.

Wearing All Black

Don’t get me wrong, this is a cool look but when you’re visiting anywhere in CA you need to break free of the grays and blacks and embrace some bright colors! All black is a little too NYC for these parts.

School Packs

Utilitarian, yes. But when outside of the school doors, this backpack doesn’t belong in fashion. There are so many cute backpacks to choose from these days, give this old one a break from carrying school books and leave it home.

Bootleg Jeans

Maybe for Saturday errand running, but not for visiting a hip city like San Fran. Leave the bootleg and pack your skinnies.

Running Shoes When Not Working Out

We know they’re exactly what you need for a run or cardio class at the gym but they look plain awful with anything but workout clothes. Find another pair of cute sneakers and leave these home!


You heard SF is windy so packing a windbreaker might seems sensible to you but all you need is a cute fashionable jacket. This one screams ‘TOURIST!” all over it.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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