How to Pretend That You’re The One Being Persecuted

There are few things in life more disturbing than imposing beliefs onto an entire nation because someone else feels threatened. I say this from a position as a person watching with horror the things happening in Kansas and Arizona right now. We are, literally in every sense of the phrase, taking several steps backward in this country. Mind you, this isn’t everyone, but the people who are elected to represent us to make decisions that will, hopefully, create a better life through jobs and fair wages and health care and education are going in the absolute wrong direction. It’s not simply a matter of being on the wrong side of history, it’s a matter of precipitously toeing the line of propaganda mandates brought down by the Nazi party that gave way to a World War. Without a doubt, it is focusing on something that invokes what our country has been through before with regard to civil rights and equality. Didn’t we fight this battle already? How did we get back to this place?

Of course, I say “we” as if I was there in the 1960s during demonstrations and protests and marches that highlighted the unfair and downright racist policies that sought to marginalize an entire group of people based on skin color. Excluding and making anti-gay policies to ensure that straight, cis-gender people, mostly those on the Christian right (super far right, like in the Tea Party Zone of Right) don’t have to come into contact with a person attracted to their same sex.

How terrible, then, that “religious freedom” is invoked to make victims out of those who are FREELY PRACTICING THEIR RELIGION ALREADY? I mean, where exactly are people refusing to allow them to practice? Is that happening and somehow not making it into the collective conscious of the American people? While I’m asking questions, what history book is teaching them that it’s their given birthright to do so because, as they falsely claim, this country was founded on Christian principles?

Umm, there are a whole bunch of Native Americans who would like to debate that with you.


But legislating religion and morals seem to be what they shout the most about all the while they draft bills and hire lobbyists to politically ensure that they can freely discriminate against gay people.

Wait. What?

All of a sudden the people who are so radically against gay people have decided that the best approach to wipe out homosexuality is to make it appear as if they are the victims. It’s not hard to see what they’re employing here:

1. Identify an “evil” that they disagree with even if it’s at the most base level.

2. Paint themselves as victims that the “evil” is threatening.

3. Attempt to get laws passed that make it okay for such discrimination to occur without any legal consequences.

Using the law to protect your freedom to deny others freedom is, in this case, cowardly. I think what astounds me most is the pockets in which this is occurring. Naturally, I’m talking about the bill that Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona just vetoed. (To which I must say, thank you, Governor!) Senate Bill 1062 is a right-to-refuse-service piece of legislation that is dangerous. Period. Full stop.

I damn sure wanted to lend my voice in opposition to such things and, at least, point out the way some Christians are trying so hard to say that they’re the ones being persecuted.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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