How to Raise a Kid That Gives Back

Almost everyone wants to be more giving.  And even more of us want to raise a giving kid. On the other hand, most of us aren’t exactly know how to do that. Like I said the other day when I taked about “How to Raise a Thankful Kid” it’s a tough proposition these days. And oddly enough, the more we have as a world, the less intuitive it is to give. Maggie Mason talks about this on Mighty Girl today…and asks the Internet: How do you raise a socially conscious kid? Here are some answers I liked:

1. Be a giver yourself. Set an example. I think the obvious first answer is if your kid sees you doing it, he or she will do it too. It works for all the bad traits, right? Shouldn’t it work for the good too. If we’re mindful to better ourselves in this way, we will better the world in this way. The gospel according to Michael Jackson.

2. Be givers together. We just started giving back together. We felt especially helpless this week so Harry and I did what we could to help as part of the Wish-A-Day Sweepstakes. And I can already see a difference…both for myself and my kid. And as far as I’m concerned, anything that turns whining into giving is from the heavens.

3. Connect with other givers. Sherri says: “Church was a big one, with the values instilled at home as well. But I was in Girl Guides as well and we did a lot of volunteering and singing in old folks homes!”

4. Experience true need. If you don’t have this, find it. Kristen Howerton said “Travel. It’s what did it for me. My parents took me to 3rd world countries and exposed me to poverty in the US, too. It’s one of the reasons we travel with our kids a lot, too. There is no perspective quite like it.”

5. Make it so. amybee says: “An idea that has worked for us is that part of my daughter’s allowance is allocated for charity. She directs where the funds go based on her interests or community needs she hears about at school or Girl Scouts or from us.”

Great ideas. You can read more here. Or leave your idea on “How to Raise a Kid that Gives Back” in the comment section right here.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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