How to Recharge Your Life Like a Fresh Pack of Double As

I do a few video shoots per month that range in size and scope. In a thirty-day range I may shoot a series of corporate videos, a web series, a music video and a documentary. One of the biggest prep items that I have the day before my shoot is making sure that my batteries are charged and ready to go. A dead battery in the middle of a shoot could spell disaster for me.

With this in mind, the night before I shoot I charge my camera batteries and my backup camera batteries. I head over to the nearest box store to buy at least a 24 pack of Double A batteries for my cordless mic setup, my shotgun mic, my on camera light and audio recorder, whew!

Recently I started thinking how I need to charge our lives with as much preparation and care as I do my camera equipment. Here are a few examples:

Recharge My Personal Life:

With the same care, time, and precision that I charge my equipment batteries I need to charge my personal life. To me this means scheduling time when I’m able to just sit still. Not working, not thinking about work, not stressing about what’s around the corner, but just sitting still. It’s hard to live in the moment when you’re always planning for the future. I think I can be more strategic about planning downtime away from my computer, cameras and other gadgets and sticking to it.

Recharge My Family Life:

Similar to recharging my personal life, I would love to charge my family life as well. Plotting and planning on ways to spend more time with my wife and kids would be great. Similar to a video shoot, the lack of charging in this area could spell disaster as well. In order to keep our family unit strong, I need to make sure we stay charged by spending quality time together. This time doesn’t even have to include things that cost money. We can also maintain the charge by talking, and more importantly, listening — really listening — to each other.

Recharge My Business Life:

After recharging my personal and family life, I can recharge my business life as well. For the past four years I’ve worked around the clock with my wife to build the business that currently employs us both. In the quest to keep the ball moving in the right direction, we live so much in the day to day that sometimes it’s hard to see ahead and plan for the future. Recharging in this area of life can mean delegating out some duties and finding ways that we can focus on the big things instead of the small things.

These are just a few ideas on how I can recharge my life. Do you have any ideas? What areas can you recharge and how?

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