How to Survive Sending Your Baby to Kindergarten

Your baby will be fine in Kindergarten! And so will you!

At this time last year, I was a MESS. Worried about sending my BABY off to Kindergarten for the first time, there were many sleepless nights. I fretted about the early mornings and the daily routine, whether he’d get lost in the big school, if he’d be able to carry his own lunch tray, and just about every other major (and minor) detail pertaining to Kindergarten.

This year, I’ll be sending my youngest off to Kindergarten, and while I do have a few jitters, I’m far less nervous than I was the last time around. Kindergarten for my son turned out to be a great thing–it helped him become more independent, he made lots of friends, and he learned so much that the sheer amount of information that kid knows BLOWS MY MIND.

With a few tips from friends, I was able to know how to navigate the waters of an elementary school and help my son have a very successful school year.

  • Embrace the Routine 1 of 6
    Embrace the Routine
    Look. Those first few weeks of getting up early every.single.morning are HARD, but getting on a schedule makes it easier. Send the kids to bed early to help avoid the morning grumpies, and wake the kids up early enough so that you won't have to rush around on school mornings. Once you get into the routine, those early mornings hurt a lot less. Really!
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  • Get Organized 2 of 6
    Get Organized
    You will be shocked by the number of papers that come home everyday. Some of the things that come home are important to keep, while most of the other stuff can be tossed in the trash. I go through my son's backpack everyday after school. For things that need to be returned, like homework and permission slips, I put those in a pile and the rest of the papers get thrown away in the recycle bin. Homework gets completed, permission slips are signed and put immediately back into the backpack. I also mark in my calendar all important dates. This whole process takes about 10 minutes after school, and it helped me to stay organized the whole school year. Find a system that works for you and you won't be THAT parent that rushes a permission slip up to school!
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  • Establish a Relationship with the Teacher 3 of 6
    Establish a Relationship with the Teacher
    Let your child's teacher know early on in the school year that you want to keep the lines of communication open between school and home. Offer to help in the classroom, be willing to listen if there are concerns about your child, and contact the teacher with your own concerns about academics, social-emotional issues, or anything else. Most teachers have access to phone lines directly to their classroom and email, so it's easy to keep in touch.
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  • Make Friends with Other Parents in the Class 4 of 6
    Make Friends with Other Parents in the Class
    It's easy to feel lost in the first few months of Kindergarten trying to learn the school routines and procedures. Making friends with the parents of your child's classmates makes it a little easier to compare notes and concerns.
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  • Get Involved in the School 5 of 6
    Get Involved in the School
    There are many ways to get involved in your child's school. Join your school's parent organization, like PTA or PTO. Offer to volunteer in your child's classroom or in the school office. Many schools ask for volunteers to open car doors in the morning and afternoon or for lunch or recess duties. Being involved in the school helps you get comfortable with the teachers and staff quickly!
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  • Watch Your Child’s Independence Bloom! 6 of 6
    Watch Your Child's Independence Bloom!
    Sure Kindergarten is a huge change, but you are going to be amazed at how independent your "baby" really is! Watch your child bloom through the school year, making new friends, learning to read, and managing to fit right in to the school routine.
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What advice do you have for other parents sending their children to Kindergarten for the first time?

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