How To Throw The Perfect Girlfriend Luncheon

For months now I wanted to put together a luncheon to celebrate friendship with my favorite local besties. And finally, after a month of planning and preparing, I pulled it off!

To throw your own girlfriend luncheon, follow these simple tips:

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    Luncheon Invitation
    It all starts with the invitation. Say something like this: I thought it would be fun to get together with some of my best girl friends for lunch, wine, and girl talk. It's the perfect plan. Drop off your kids at school, put on your comfiest clothes, and head over to my house for a few hours of good food and great conversation. Forget the laundry and the grocery shopping for one afternoon and let your proverbial hair down. It's just what you need.
  • Quiche 2 of 8
    Plan the menu. Think about foods you don't normally eat, maybe something decadent. The first thing that came to mind was quiche. It's rich and mostly not low-calorie friendly, so it was the perfect main dish!
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    Place Setting
    Find a small gift to send home with your guests. I found these cute little ceramic canisters at Anthropologie for $10 each. I was able to incorporate them into the table setting.
  • Tablescape 4 of 8
    How you set the table is key. You don't have to run out and spend a lot of money on decorations. I pulled items from other parts of my house to use: wooden candlesticks, linen coasters, silk flowers, wine glasses. My table runner was too busy on the front side, so I flipped it over and discovered it was plain white on the back. Perfect! I found two ceramic bunnies that I usually put out at Easter, but they completed the look. The idea is to think outside the box. Look in your cupboards and in bedrooms. You'll find some pretty interesting things to use to make the perfect table setting.
  • Cocktails 5 of 8
    Have a cocktail waiting for when your friends arrive. I made mimosas and placed them by the front door on a cheap silver tray I found in my cabinet.
  • Humor! 6 of 8
    Throw in some humor; this is supposed to be fun, after all. I placed a basket at the front door with a sign that read: Bras Go Here. You know, because wearing a bra sucks. Some people will shed their bras, others won't. There's no judgment among girlfriends.
  • Desserts 7 of 8
    Offer dessert. We all say we don't want dessert, but if it's there we will most definitely eat it. Look, we're already drinking champagne and eating quiche, what's a thousand calories more? I made bread pudding with a whiskey sauce and bought petit fours from the bakery.
  • Guests 8 of 8
    Enjoy your time together. We live in crazy, stressful, busy times. Take a moment to let your friends know you couldn't make it without them. And don't wait so long before you do this again.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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