How to wear jeans (without being boring)

Are you one of us? Do you wear jeans all the time? Join the club!

(Trust me, you are not alone.)

It’s not like I think you don’t know how to wear jeans — but since everyone wears them all the time, I’m always looking for ways to make them more interesting. I’ll share my three favorite with you — maybe you’ll share your tips with me?

Jeans are pretty much universally beloved because they are inexpensive, flattering, and long-lasting. Once you find a pair you love, it’s hard to stop wearing them.

But let’s face it — we all get tired of wearing the same things over and over again. Here are a three simple ways to spice it up a bit and have some fun!

Bright accessories


image via Everyday Treats

Even if you are normally shy about wearing bright colors, when you wear jeans you will find it easier to wear brights. I’m wearing yellow shoes and carrying a yellow purse in the picture above and when paired with jeans yellow accessories basically turn into neutrals. (Almost.)

Think of jeans as the equivalent to white walls in a house — they are a blank canvas where you can go wild — it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

Statement jewelry

image via Everyday Treats

Think you’re not the statement jewelry type? Think again!

Your basic jeans-and-a-T-shirt are the perfect backdrop for a big chunky necklace or dramatic earrings. Costume jewelry is an inexpensive way to expand your wardrobe. The necklace above cost me $15 buck (I KNOW!) but it add a lot of voom to my everyday jeans, which makes it truly a bargain.

 Unexpected textures


Practical and durable denim pairs up incredibly well with delicate lace or luscious satin. Rich velvet is amazing against basic jeans. Denim is the ultimate chameleon — take advantage of its versatility and mix it up!

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