8 Tried and True Tips for Winter-Proofing Your Skin

Even the oiliest of complexions needs some extra TLC during the colder months, and there are a lot of products out there to help you keep your skin healthy. Just like you wear warmer clothes to protect yourself from the wind and cold, your skin needs added protection to withstand the decreased humidity. Sometimes all your skincare routine needs is an extra layer of moisturizer, but if you’re feeling tightness in your face, it’s a a sign that you need to step it up a bit more to avoid dry skin. (Especially if you feel itchy or notice flakes or scales!)

After a recent trip to Colorado, I realized how quickly my skin can be affected by dryness. Not only did I need to add a heavier moisturizer during the morning and at night, but I also had to protect my children’s skin as well.

Here are a few tips that helped me protect my skin this winter:

  • Protect your skin during the winter 1 of 9
    Tips to protect skin in the winter

    Taking care of your skin in the winter might take a few extra steps, but they're quite easy. Just modify your skincare routine and you'll see it's worth it. Click through for some tips that can help you avoid dry and itchy skin.

  • Seal in moisture after you shower 2 of 9
    apply body cream

    Apply body moisturizer right after your shower. That way you can help seal in moisture. Choose more nourishing creams rather than lighter lotions. Shea butter is a great ingredient to look for.


    Tip: Look for products that say "body butter," "extra moisturizing," and "cream" instead of lotion. Body oils are also a great alternative.

  • Be gentle 3 of 9
    gentle skincare

    You should consider switching to a more gentle cleanser for the winter. Depending on your own needs and preferences, you can remove your makeup with cleansing creams or try out the many cleansing waters that are available. Makeup remover wipes made for sensitive skin are also a great alternative.

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize 4 of 9
    skin cream and cc cream

    Wear moisturizer beneath your foundation, or choose a BB or CC cream that will give you some color if you'd rather not wear base. For daytime, any cream that has added sun protection is an added bonus, but if you'll be outside for an extended period of time, you will need to reapply sunscreen. At night you should also apply a facial cream or oil before going to sleep.

  • Try a facial oil 5 of 9
    facial oil

    Try out the new generation of face oils. Not only are they extremely moisturizing, but they also absorb quickly and work wonders on sensitive skin. Celebrities have been using them for years, but now you can get them at your local drugstore for a lot less.

  • Hands need extra care, too 6 of 9
    apply hand cream and cuticle moisturizer

    Don't forget your hands. Not only should you apply an emollient cream to them before venturing out but also pay attention to your cuticles. You can moisturize them with special oils or use any leftover facial oil on them. That way you can also help prevent brittle nails.

  • Take care of your neck so you don’t regret it years from now 7 of 9
    Apply cream and SPF to your neck, too

    Protect your neck. Even if you wear scarves or turtlenecks, your neck will also be exposed to the elements. Apply moisturizer morning and night to help it. Years later you'll be thankful. At least that's what every dermatologist has told me.

  • SPF is needed even in the winter 8 of 9
    spf is needed year round

    Remember sunscreen. It's a great habit to keep year long, even if the sun seems to be hiding more during the winter. If you'll be hiking, skiing or snowboarding, take extra precautions and apply at least a tablespoon of sunscreen especially on your nose and any areas of your face that will not be protected by goggles or a hat. Sun damage is cumulative and the snow will reflect the sun's rays.

  • No more dry and cracked lips 9 of 9
    lip balms

    Keep lip balm with you. The lower the humidity, the easier your lips get chapped and cracked. If you're not a fan of lip balm, there are extra nourishing lip glosses and lipsticks that can create a barrier to preserve moisture. And if your lips feel dry, don't lick them, because it will only dry them out more. Some formulas include zinc oxide, which acts as a sunscreen.

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