How to work more efficiently from home

Working from homeWorking from home changed my life. It enabled me to be a better mom, while staying productive. However, it is not easy to juggle different responsibilities while staying at home, since for many people it is too easy to think they can interrupt you, stop by or call you since “you are home” after all. I confess to screening my calls, because I need to make the most out of every minute.

To be more efficient and productive, aside from setting clear limits when dealing with friends and family, you need the help of technology. At the very least you will need a computer and Internet access. A smartphone and tablet are also extremely helpful, especially to stay connected and produce content when you are away from your home office. If you’re a blogger, I know I’m preaching to the choir.

In my case, having a wireless multifunction printer has also made a huge difference in how I manage my workload and how fast I can respond to last-minute projects or pitches. Just make sure to keep supplies such as ink and different kinds of paper in stock, to avoid stressing out right before a deadline. I have also installed my printer’s software on my iPad and can scan documents, forms and contracts in seconds. This is extremely useful when I am away from home, since I can retrieve those scanned documents in seconds if I need them.

Top 6 ways printing from home can increase your productivity

Here are the top ways a printer at home can help you work better from home:

  1. You save time. When you need a document, brochure or picture, you can print it in seconds. There’s no need to run out to an office supply store, a friend’s house or a drugstore.
  2. You can print business materials on the fly. Whether it’s a brochure with a summary of the services you offer, a writing sample or a resume, having a printer at home gives you more control. You can even edit documents at the last minute to reflect your newest projects and client lists.
  3. No business cards, no problem. Ran out of business cards? Keep a jpeg or graphic file with your contact information handy so you can print in case of an emergency. Keep in mind you will need special paper for this; invest in the best quality paper you can find, since image is everything and the last thing you want is to hand out a business card that crumples easily or with bleeding colors.
  4. You can improve your proofreading. If you are working on a project that involves a lot of writing, nothing beats the old-school method of printing, reading and red-marking your document or manuscript. Our eyes simply see errors better on a sheet a paper than on a screen. Might not be the greenest way, but it will definitely improve the quality of your completed project.
  5. Preview and revise. You can actually see how your project will look when it’s finished. This allows you to adjust the layout, colors and copy. Even if you do not regularly print brochures or documents, this is extremely useful if you send decks or slideshows.
  6. Multitask. A printer can scan documents, make copies and work as a fax machine. Despite the paperless trend, you still need to fill out forms, sign documents and scan receipts. A multifunction printer is ideal if that’s your case. If you have a tablet, make sure to install the driver so you can manage your print jobs without having to even use your computer.

Do you have any tips and tricks for people that work from home? Please share!

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