Hungover on candy yet? I’ve got a recipe for that!

candy bar trifle

The candy has been bought, doled out, and you’ve surely gorged yourself silly with sugar.  Do you feel a little, I don’t know, hungover?  I thought you might.  Because we talked about this, how parents deserve to steal their children’s candy. The thing is though, we’re not 9 anymore, and our bodies don’t love sugar as much as we still do (I want to eat all of the sugary things!) so there needs to be a tapering of candy consumption to get us through the next 48 hours.  But before we get there it’s time for a little post-hangover pick-me-up in the form of a candy bar trifle.

Think about it: the morning after too much drinking a little ‘hair of the dog’ helps a horrific hangover, right? (or so I hear, I don’t drink)  Let’s apply the same law of physics and human digestion to a candy hangover as an honest-to-goodness Saturday morning drunkie-lunkie headache from hell.  To get rid of the sugar shakes, I recommend a tiny bit of dessert to even out the insulin.

(I’m not a doctor, or even a nurse and this is probably just exactly the opposite recipe anyone in the medical field would recommend, just so we’re all clear here)

What exactly should you be eating for breakfast the day after Halloween?  I’m so glad you asked! The answer is always chocolate, NATCH, but this recipe specifically calls for peanut butter and chocolate.  And candy bars:

Peanut butter and chocolate candy bar trifle

You’ll be so glad you skimmed off all the good candy while your kids slept through the night, fully entrusting you not to steal any of their hard-earned candy loot.  Don’t worry about it, you’re paying the bills to keep them warm in their beds, the least they can do is provide you with some chocolate for your new candy hangover recipe.  They should be thanking YOU.

Happy Halloween!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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