I Am… A Lot Of Things, And Also Not Afraid To Look Like An Idiot

Quick! Finish this sentence:

“I AM…”

(Go on. Do it.)

(Did you do it?)

(You better have done it. There’ll be a quiz at the end of this post.)

Here’s how I finished that sentence:

I am also a superhero, able to leap small toddlers in a single bound.

Every word of that is true, by the way. I AM an enormous dork. I’m not ashamed of it. I am, in fact, more than a little proud of it. I’ve never really owned my dorkiness before. I think that motherhood, and participation in the community of mothers, liberated me to embrace my total dorkhood. Because I’ve always been a dork, I’ve just always kept it wrapped up in the veneer of seriousness. Mostly.

The “I Am’ Project is the brain child of my dear friend Alli, who has a lot of brainchildren, and also a lot of real children, because she is fertile in brain and ovaries, which is another topic entirely. ANYWAY. She posts a lot of images of herself, and it occurred to her that many of the women in her community – the online community of moms – posted a lot of images, too, often of themselves, but often also not, and it struck her that photographs – self-portraits – might be a wonderful way to express the awesomeness of that community.

She was right. You should go check out her slideshow of pictures, pictures that women from across North America sent to her when she asked them to finish that one, simple sentence, and pair it with a picture. It’s beautiful. It’s phenomenal. It’s worth doing.

I challenge you to do it, too.

(I have to note, by the way, that as a Canadian, it took all of my cultural will to NOT post something along these lines. SERIOUSLY. I demand that you give me restraint points for that.)


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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