Fellow Voice o’ Babble Alli Worthington started a terrific project on her blog: The “I Am” Project. Snap a picture of yourself and fill in the blank: I am ___.

As usual, I’m late to the party. But I have an excuse! I have three small children! And like, seventeen different blogs! I have a special-needs kindergartner and a daredevil preschooler with a death wish and I’m nursing a baby and what, I’m supposed to snap a picture right at a moment when I’m unshowered and in my pajamas and not wearing makeup and my roots are showing?

Oh wait. That was kind of the whole point, wasn’t it?

In honor of this post, I snapped a picture during what is still the most difficult and failure-prone part of my day: Morning.

It’s 7:30 am. I’ve been at least semi-awake since 5:30 when the baby woke up, but only really got to sleep at 1:30, after Noah finally settled down from a completely random ear infection flare-up, because WHY NOT, RIGHT.

The boys are eating dry Cheerios with their hands because we’re almost out of milk, but also homemade waffles I made last weekend and put in the freezer. I’ve gotten them dressed and spent five whole minutes searching through the bottle of Trader Joe’s chewable vitamins for a lion and a tiger so everybody could start the day with their favorite animal shape. My husband packed Noah’s lunch and made coffee and I brushed my teeth just so I could kiss him goodbye properly for it.

In 10 minutes I’ll discover that I cannot find one of Ezra’s shoes and that Noah was supposed to complete a worksheet on rhyming last night. In 15 minutes Baby Ike will wake up after spitting up on my side of the bed upstairs but will then smile so big and bright that I will curl up on the wet spot anyway in order to spend a few more minutes that I don’t technically have snuggling with him.  I will look exactly like I do in this photo when it’s time to leave the house and get everybody to school.

All in all, one of our best mornings yet, I’d say.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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