I Did Breakfast Like Ree Drummond

Okay, that’s totally not true. Well, not toally. I did do breakfast. Just not like Ree Drummond. More like Mr. Drummond. You know. From Diff’rent Strokes. Wait. Did Mr. Drummond ever “do” breakfast? Surely he did. You know, whenever Mrs. Garrett was on vacation. And being the wealthy tycoon he was, I dare say he didn’t have a lot of time on his hands. Which means that when doing breakfast, he probably kept it quick and easy.

Now I may not be a wealthy tycoon, but nevertheless, as the father of five, I am short on time. Still, I promised Caroline I’d do breakfast one day this week. And in telling the tumultuous trio of “daddy’s breakfast,” I billed it as a holiday treat. Which meant all that was left for me to do was figure out was how to combine “holiday treat” with “quick and easy.”

I started with their plates, making a snowman out of them. Note the dishtowel-turned festive scarf. A particularly nice touch, no? (Feel free to run with that one, Ree.)

My snowman plate configuration quickly piqued their interest for sure. Even so, I wasn’t ready to reveal my hand just yet. So I told my  junior associates to grab a seat at the table so I could ask them something.

“Who likes snowmen and chocolaty treats? Hmmm? Raise your hand.”

See the colorful assortment of whatever-those-are in the silver wavy dish thing? And the Christmas tchotchkes hanging from the chandelier? Solid additions, don’t you think? (Talk to me, Ree. Or don’t. Because Caroline did those.)

It was after my leading question when I busted out the good stuff, the breakfast treat of choice — the bundles of chocolaty wonderfulness that are frosted devils Donettes from Hostess. But what about the snowman part, you might ask?

Elementary, my dear Watson.

I know. Ree’s toothpicks totally wouldn’t have shown. Still. Reasonable effort, I’m certain you’d agree.

I’m not sure which the kids loved more: the snowmen which they disassembled or the Donettes. I suppose it didn’t matter. As deconstructing one meant tasting the other.

So, about that holiday treat breakfast deal that I prepared for the triplets this morning? I’d say it was quite a success. Quick. Easy. Fun. And delicious.

(Pssst. Ree. See the eyes on the snowmen? Strong, no?)

I wanna give a shout out to Hostess and thank them for not only sponsoring this post, but for also hooking me up with the frosted devils Donettes. The timing was perfect thanks to the special breakfast I had planned this week, and the kids loved them. Oh. And I did, too. (And I thought their powdered donut deals were addictive…) 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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