I Hate Halloween

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 6.39.10 PMI don’t like Halloween. There. I’ve said it. I can go home now and you all can mock me for being a curmudgeon.

My disdain started as a child when, during my birthday sleepover, a friend’s father came dressed up as Freddy Krueger. Something that he wouldn’t have done in my birthday was on August 8th. Also what parent shows up to a child’s party wearing the mask of a deranged killer? I’m assuming that his plan for the following year was to arrive with Chucky, the psychotic doll, in his arms. Thanks but no thanks.

After the harsh reality that my birthday is next to Halloween therefore people would see it fit to celebrate the day of my birth with scary stories, I kind of just gave up on Halloween and made the end of October all about my birthday. As the years went by Halloween became less and less fun as friends had parties — complete with raiding their parent’s liquor cabinet — that I wasn’t invited to. Then there was the explosion of sexy costumes….you know the ones. Sexy nurse, sexy doctor, sexy butterfly, sexy witch. A day which is known for being frigid was marked by women wearing as little clothing as humanly possible. And then came the practice of wearing ‘blackface’ and using race as an accessory.

Halloween stopped being enjoyable and three years ago I was officially done.

Despite my DO NOT PASS GO internal warnings when the October 31st arrives, I appreciate and am envious of those who can do it big and have fun. In fact I might be a little jealous. For now I will like every photo of a dressed up baby and watch videos of other people enjoying themselves. You all have fun and do it up and perhaps next year I’ll join you. Maybe.

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Please tell me that I’m not the only one to hate Halloween. Anyone else?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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