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Les Mis Pictures on Pinterest

Have you logged into Pinterest today? If not, you may not have noticed the Les Miserables love affair that is going on. Artists, bloggers and goofy kids are all making Les Mis fan art, pictures and memes. I saw Les Mis last night and cried like a little baby myself. The movie is amazing. The film powerfully tells the stories of pain, love, grace and mercy. Go see it and bring extra tissues. When Anne Hathoway cries and sings so shakily directly in the camera you will melt into a puddle on the floor.

Here are some of my favorite Les Mis images on Pinterest today.

I know, right?

She really was amazing.

Anne was amazing.

Do you hear the people sing?

Aw Eponine!

Enjolras. *sniff*

You can’t escape them. There are more in the gallery below.


  • Vox 1 of 16
  • Love this collage 2 of 16
    Love this collage
    from fans
  • The colors of the world 3 of 16
    The colors of the world
    are changing
  • I dreamed a 4 of 16
    I dreamed a
  • I don’t always share memes 5 of 16
    I don't always share memes
    but when I do they make me laugh
  • You’ll see… 6 of 16
    You'll see...
    the Les Mis images will explode!
  • One does not simply 7 of 16
    One does not simply
    escape this meme
  • Look down, look down 8 of 16
    Look down, look down
    Poor Jean!
  • All this for a loaf of bread. 9 of 16
    All this for a loaf of bread.
    This is the picture that will be everywhere next week!
  • The Fan art that is all over Pinterest 10 of 16
    The Fan art that is all over Pinterest
    is amazing!
  • Luckily Jean Valjean 11 of 16
    Luckily Jean Valjean
  • The Les Mis cast 12 of 16
    The Les Mis cast
    Lovely collage!
  • Enjolrus 13 of 16
    Enjolrus the Revolutionary Walrus has his own Tumblr!
  • This is just awful 14 of 16
    This is just awful
    I laughed anyway
  • screen-shot-2012-12-28-at-5-23-46-pm 15 of 16
  • Les Grumpy Cat 16 of 16
    Les Grumpy Cat
    Welcome to the Meme, Grumpy Cat!

See all the pictures in the gallery and more back on Pinterest!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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