I Never Thought I’d Say It, But God Bless The Supreme Court and John Roberts

In March I paid cash at urgent care to treat my pneumonia.

I lost my health insurance in November of 2010. We tried, my husband and I, to maintain our monthly payments ($1,100 for the whole family, including our daughter) in the face of near economic ruin, thanks to the economy and the two-freelancers-as-couple lifestyle.

But when we received a notice that the payment would be increasing to nearly $1,700 a month? We just couldn’t do it.

Luckily, as of May 1st, I have enrolled in my state’s Fair Care plan a low-cost insurance plan for people with pre-existing conditions that is one of the first few elements of the new Affordable Care Act to be instituted. It’s be such a relief, being able to fill my prescriptions locally instead of driving twenty miles to a Costco (where, by the way, they do have super cheap scripts).

So you can imagine last Thursday morning that I was awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of the law with massive trepidation. I knew if the ruling didn’t support the plan, I would likely lose my health insurance once again.

I actually cried when I heard the good news.

It’s easy to only see the politics when it comes to things like “Obamacare” and not see the human stories. I was horribly, horribly sick in March. I finally broke down and went to an urgent care center and paid $264 to get an x-ray and a diagnosis: severe pneumonia. I likely should have been hospitalized, but with no insurance? No way. Instead I got a couple of prescriptions and went home to try to heal. It took months but I did get better (still coughing, which is SO annoying).

I am the human story of someone whose life has radically improved with the Affordable Care Act. I no longer feel terror in my heart when I need to fill one of my costly prescriptions, or need to get a yearly check up, or get sick.

It is such a relief.


Hi. Welcome to my new column here at Babble Voices. I am supremely honored to be part of this incredible group of writers. If you’re wondering about the title, it’s because my personal blog is called Uppercase Woman, and my awesome blog readers suggested and voted on the name for this column and voilá! The Uppercase Lowdown was born.

I’m planning to use this space to talk about family, and politics, and other topical things. In other words, I’m just going to write about what I feel like writing about. But I do plan to use this space to talk about being a part of the Sandwich Generation; it’s been nearly a year now since my mother moved in with my husband, daughter, and I. It’s… challenging. And awful. And nice sometimes, anyway.

I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.


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