I Support JCPenney and the Shop-In

Normally when I go to the mall I park between Nordstrom and Macy’s. If I am in need of an appliance at the mall I go to Sears. I normally spend the rest of my time in the stores in the middle. To be more specific, now that my twins are almost eight years old I spend most of my time in either Justice or Game Stop depending on who I am shopping with.


Today was different.

Today we parked in front of JCPenney.

I took my family shopping at JCPenney to support their decision to hire an openly gay spokesperson and stand behind her in the face of adversity, or as my friend Tracey put it “a show of economic backing for companies like JCPenney companies who stand by their principles¬†and don’t bow to pressure from crazypants groups just because they claim to represent “Moms”. “

If you don’t know what I am babbling about the short story is that JCPenney hired Ellen DeGeneres to be their spokesperson and a group called One Million Moms freaked out and said that JCPenney would “lose customers with traditional values” by “jumping on the pro-gay bandwagon”.

They really said that.

But JCPenney held their ground. JCPenney believes in their decision to make Ellen DeGeneres their spokesperson. JCPenney didn’t cave in. Ellen explains it better than I can, but I was moved by the story. JCPenney was being threatened by a group of bullies trying to leverage the fact that they were mothers. Well, I am a mother too and I like Ellen DeGeneres, I like what she stands for and now I like what JCP stands for too.

So when Tracey and Doug organized the JCP shop in I signed up and first thing this morning (and by first thing, I mean when the mall opened at 11:00) I took my entire family to JCPenney for the first time in a very long time. I put my money where my mouth is, and you know what? The store was kind of great. The staff was friendly and they weren’t trying to sell me a pair of kids jeans for $70, but best of all I found a Skylanders shirt for my son so he is about as happy as a child could possibly be.

When I just checked the JCPenney Shop-In Facebook page over 2700 people were participating. Over 2700 that probably would not have set foot in a JCPenny today have stepped forward and said yes. We support you and what you are doing and we will prove it with our money. ¬†If you want to participate there is still time and you don’t even have to go to the mall. You can go to JCP online. You don’t even have to get up off the couch to fight bullies today.

I wish I could always fight bullies by shopping.

I wish all activism was this easy.



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