“I Wanna Bring It!” 5 Random Things My Daughter Wants Me to Tote Around

hulahoopAfter my son James was born, I was shocked by how much STUFF I needed to bring along when we left the house. I guess those glorious months of my daughter Annabel being diaper-free had spoiled me! The problem now is that Annie sees me packing up my large diaper bag with food, toys, and a host of other things for her brother and wants me to bring along something for her, too. As a compromise I told her she could bring one thing every time, but I really should have specified what I meant by “thing” because the stuff she wants me to put in my diaper bag for her are borderline ridiculous. Some of the things she has wanted me to bring have included:

Oversized parasol:

Annie insisted on bringing this to “keep her dry.” The problem with this was that it was 75 degrees and cloudless outside. I told her she could use the umbrella for shade, but that was completely unacceptable to her.

Knit cap:

She never wants this hat when it’s cold outside, only when it’s hot. And then? She’ll put it on and start complaining about how hot she is!

Hula hoop:

This one barely fits in my CAR, let alone my diaper bag. It would be fine if we were going to the park, but she wanted to bring it when we were headed to the library.

Soccer ball:

Annie received a soccer ball when she completed her soccer season, and she’s so proud of it. So proud that she wants to bring it everywhere and show it off. That’s really cute, but she can’t just bring it and show it — she then wants to play with it … and when we’re at a restaurant, that’s not gonna fly.

Salt shaker:

While she certainly gets points for this one fitting in my bag, I really wish she wouldn’t pick a salt shaker of all things. I had to put it in a Ziplock baggie because SALT EVERYWHERE. Whenever she brings it I say “Annie, you know all restaurants have salt shakers, right?” And she replies, “I know, but my salt tastes better!”

Kids, man. What weird things do yours like to bring along?

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