If I Were Hiring Mary Poppins Today

If I were hiring Mary Poppins today, there are a few extra tricks I’d want her to have up her sleeves, or hidden in that magic bag of hers.

Who hasn’t dreamed of a super nanny descending from above, bringing peace and order into their home?

I’m not sure who needs her more, me or the kids. There is a reason they call this place Casa de Chaos!

But I have to ask myself if all of Mary’s skills are still relevant. Shouldn’t she be brushing up on her skills, and picking up some new ones for the 21st century?

I asked my friends and my kids to give me their job requirements for a modern day dream Mary Poppins, and I started  (literally) drawing up a list. What I ended up with is the job description for the nanny of our dreams. Does it match up with your requirements? What would you want from Mary Poppins if she were to drop into your life today?

Did I leave anything out? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

  • 21st Century Job Skills: If I were Hiring Mary Poppins Now 1 of 7

    What skills would you expect Mary Poppins to have today?

  • Mary Poppins Master Chef 2 of 7

    If Mary was here today, she'd have to make healthy, organic, allergen free, non GMO food for my kids, me, and all their friends. I'm sure she'd have no problem with that!

  • Mary Poppins Tech Guru 3 of 7

    In order to help my kids with their homework, keep them safe online, and keep them entertained (within our preset screen time guidelines of course), Mary is going to have to have a lot of tech prowess. Perhaps I should tweet this job requirements list to her?

  • Mary Poppins Professional Driver 4 of 7

    What with carpools, playdates, extracurriculars, and more, Mary should be an expert driver and know the ins and outs of the 405 and 5 better than the characters on my fave SNL skit. She should be familiar with GPS, Google maps, Waze, and able to take an emergency bluetooth call while hitting play on the backseat DVD player. Mary should keep the car cup holders clear of debris at all times. Never ever ever would Mary leave a car in the driveway that had french fries on the floor mats.

  • Mary Poppins Master Barista 5 of 7

    My kids have a thing for frothed milk. Mommy needs her coffee. Mary should be able to make a decent cappuccino. It's in everyone's best interest if she did a stint at Starbucks in her 20s.

  • Mary Poppins Master Party Planner 6 of 7

    With all the parties we throw and attend, it sure would be nice to have another pinner in the house. My ideal hire would make massive tissue paper flowers like it was nothing, whip up rainbow cakes and pinatas in her free moments, and come up with clever garland ideas on her days off, for fun.

  • Mary Poppins Ninja Nanny 7 of 7

    My five year old dictated this skill. He would like to tell all his friends that his nanny is a ninja. Why not? It sure would make me feel secure when I went out, to know I had a real live ninja at home, protecting my kids.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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