If It’s Cold Outside, You Might As Well Have Some Fun!

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I’ll be honest, a cold and snowy winter makes me want to do nothing but hole up and hibernate until spring again. But we all know with kids running around, that’s just not possible. Maybe some of you have winter break coming up like we do, or even “spring” break (the irony is not lost on me) so I say why not embrace the cold, if you’ve got it, and get outside for some good old fashioned fun.

Inspired by the beautiful ice ornaments that Gina Wide created for Design Mom, I’ve put together a few fun ideas and inspirations to get you and your kids out of the house and ready to celebrate the ice and snow, just click through the gallery below!

  • Coloring In The Snow 1 of 20
    Coloring In The Snow
    Get some good color or eco-friendly dye and mix some up in some cheap squirt bottles from the restaurant supply store. All that white snow offers a blank canvas, just think of the creations you could make!
    Inspiration via Really Quite Lucky
  • Build An Igloo! 2 of 20
    Build An Igloo!
    What kid wouldn't love to build their own igloo?
    Get some great ideas on this post from My 3 Littles And Me
  • Swedish Snowball Lantern 3 of 20
    Swedish Snowball Lantern
    I'm not exactly sure what makes this Swedish, but it looks totally awesome! Kids love to make snowballs anyway so why not make something cool?
    Get all the details here from iVillage
  • Maple Snow Candy 4 of 20
    Maple Snow Candy
    Gather the kids up and use some fresh snow to make a tasty winter treat.
    Details and recipe here from Rosy Posy
  • Sno-Cones With Real Snow! 5 of 20
    Sno-Cones With Real Snow!
    Sno-Cones don't have to be saved for summer, why not scoop some of the real stuff up and make your own?
    Details here from Meet The Dubiens
  • Colored Ice Scupltures 6 of 20
    Colored Ice Scupltures
    Check off history AND art by helping your kids build their very own version of Stonehenge (or whatever they please...).
    Inspiration here via Artful Parent
  • Play Snowflake Detective 7 of 20
    Play Snowflake Detective
    Surprisingly, your older kids will find this activity pretty cool too. Grab a few magnifying glasses and get up close with some snowflakes. You'll be surprised to see how intricate and delicate they are!
    Inspiration via iVillage
  • Ice Luminaries 8 of 20
    Ice Luminaries
    These are so, so easy and delightful I must say. Line your walkway or dot them through your yard, you can add food coloring for extra dramatic effect!
    Details here from my blog at Design Mom
  • Family or Neighborhood Winter Olympics 9 of 20
    Family or Neighborhood Winter Olympics
    Nothing better than a little healthy winter competition! Dream up some fun activities (snowball toss, snowball target shooting, cross country skiing, etc.) make up some medals, and gather up the neighborhood kids for your very own winter olympics!
    Inspiration via The Princess And The Frog Blog
  • Molded Frozen Bird Feeder 10 of 20
    Molded Frozen Bird Feeder
    Using an old bundt pan or other fun mold, fill with water and add nuts and seeds and even berries and seeds to make a hanging bird feeder. As it melts the birds will be able to reach the food and you get to watch, pretty cool!
    Inspiration via Zeleni Pristi
  • Ice Hearts 11 of 20
    Ice Hearts
    Valentine's might be over, but these ice hearts about melt mine!
    Make your own with instructions from Willowday
  • Ice Cups 12 of 20
    Ice Cups
    If it's not too cold outside, host an outdoor picnic and use these ice cups for your drinks, clink!
    Details here from Willowday
  • Icy Treasure Hunt 13 of 20
    Icy Treasure Hunt
    Another gem of an idea!
    Get all the details on hosting an icy treasure hunt here from Willowday
  • Borax Crystal Snowflakes 14 of 20
    Borax Crystal Snowflakes
    These are the coolest! Make your own snowflakes using borax crystals.
    Details here from Delia Creates
  • Ice Candle Holders 15 of 20
    Ice Candle Holders
    Add some light to your DIY ice cups to make ice candle holders. Pretty!
    Details here from The DIY Adventures
  • Nature Filled Ice Lantern 16 of 20
    Nature Filled Ice Lantern
    Go on a little nature walk to collect some twigs and berries, freeze into form and make your own nature inspired ice lanterns!
    Details here from Oh My Creative
  • Fun With Colors, Ice and Salt 17 of 20
    Fun With Colors, Ice and Salt
    Get your kids involved in some hands on play by freezing some water in balloons, and then shaping and coloring with salt and food coloring. Pretty cool.
    Make your own with instructions from Momma's Fun World
  • Salt Ice Sculptures 18 of 20
    Salt Ice Sculptures
    Brick of ice, salt and colors = tons of cold winter fun.
    Details here from Artful Parent
  • Backyard Ice Rink 19 of 20
    Backyard Ice Rink
    Warning, only for the super ambitious! It would be kinda cool to say you have an ice skating rink in your back yard.
    If you're really thinking about it and have the acreage, read up on the details here from Popular Mechanics
  • Floating Icebergs 20 of 20
    Floating Icebergs
    Freeze some toys and other things into molds and set in water creating floating icebergs. Kids will dig it!
    Details here from Delia Creates


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