If Leap Day Really Didn’t Count

Did you guys watch the Leap Day episode of “30 Rock” last week? If you didn’t see it there are only a few things that you need to know for the purposes of this post: 1) The premise of the show is that February 29th is a holiday that encourages people to experiment and take chances. Things that happen on Leap Day don’t count, and 2) Leap Day William emerges from the Mariana trench every four years to trade children’s tears for candy.

And honestly, you really only needed to know that second thing because it makes me laugh.

Anyway, the show got me thinking. If Wednesday was for taking risks and things that I did that day really wouldn’t count, what would I do?

My first thought is that I would ditch the volunteer reading I do at the school every week, but that seemed both mean and boring.

So I came up with a few more foolhardy ideas of things that I would try if February 29th didn’t actually count.

  • Skydiving 1 of 6
    I have always wanted to skydive but have always been too chickenshit to try it.
  • Eat at a Random Chinese Buffet 2 of 6
    Eat at a Random Chinese Buffet
    Risky, but delicious. I wonder if your food poisoning induced vomiting would stop at exactly midnight?
  • Buy My Kids a Trampoline 3 of 6
    Buy My Kids a Trampoline
    A trampoline to put right next to the pool. Immediately after I would try the Pet Semetery thing.
  • Go Off The Pill 4 of 6
    Go Off The Pill
    HAHAHAHA! This is really only marginally funny. I would not mess with birth control even on a made up holiday. Please keep in mind the first time I got pregnant two babies came out.
  • Base Jump off the Washington Monument 5 of 6
    Base Jump off the Washington Monument
    I don't get base jumping. It is Social Darwinism at its most efficient. But look, that is really me photoshopped on there. My friend Aaron will photoshop anything for me. He doesn't even ask why. Isn't he the greatest? Also, I took this picture the other day, in FEBRUARY. Washington D.C. is beautiful.
  • Watch all of the Beastie Boys Videos Back to Back 6 of 6
    Watch all of the Beastie Boys Videos Back to Back
    Eh, I already did that. This morning. No reason. I don't really need a holiday to waste time.


Ah, who am I kidding? If nothing I did on Leap Day counted I would just stay in bed all day eating Doritos and playing Scrabble on my iPhone.

What would you do on Leap Day if it didn’t count?


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