If we were in charge…the travel edition

One of us is waiting to get on a plane, the other at Starbucks.  There’s about a day’s worth of travel between us.

Sometimes we are in the same place, but most of the time we’re not.  Most of the time, we’re having an ongoing blackberry messenger conversation, emailing one another links with commentary, and sharing the occasional tweet.

“Oh look, ya liked my photo on Facebook!

“there is a dude in Starbucks wearing a cape. Seriously.”

“Pfffffft no, I’m not at Best Buy buying more DVD’s, who would you ask that?”

“YAAA! No one beside me on the plane! It’s a Festivus miracle”

This has been going on for years.

And today this is how we’re writing.

Scott: There is only one place to get coffee in this airport and it might as well be in Saskatchewan it’s so far away from my gate.  If I were in charge, Starbucks at each gate.  And they would bring my coffee to me.  And spell my name right.

Alison: If I was in charge, anyone who gives a crying baby a nasty look on a plane,  would immediately start lactating.

Scott: If I was in charge, anyone who tries to get off a plane before it’s their row’s turn, and who doesn’t have a connecting flight within 20 minutes, has to spend their next flight sitting on the toilet.

Alison: LOL  Yes. Holding their suitcase in their lap.

Scott: If I was in charge, anyone trying to redefine the natural limits of geometry by attempting to fit a 15 inch bag into an 8 inch overhead compartment, would have to open up that bag during the flight and let all the rest of the passengers chose one item from inside the bag, to keep.

Alison: I totally did that last flight.  Good thing you weren’t there.

Scott: That’s my bestie…

Alison: If I was in charge, if someone isn’s able to walk down the isle of a plane without hitting everyone in the head, then we all get a chance to punch them. Or kick them. Or sign them up for 50 ridiculous newsletters…

Scott: Ya know, this would make a good blog post.

Alison: Totally! We just need to take all my swearing out. I really do have a problem.

Scott: Good call! Next week, “If we were in charge the clothing edition. Just say no to Jorts and Blouses.”


…What would you change about travel if you were in charge?



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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