If You Don’t Have a Linen Closet, Make Your Own

My week has been a shot of crazy. We had barely put the finishing touches on our renovation a few days ago when we moved in yesterday and today. There is stuff everywhere (I’m typing this next to a drill, a zucchini, a can of spray paint, and a crock pot), and I know how I’m spending my “down time” for months to come.

But — one thing at a time, right? We’ve installed our “linen closet,” and I’m terribly happy with the results. If you remember, our new home is bigger and is a better use of space than our previous rental, shy of one thing. No linen closet.

As part of our master bath renovation, we removed the double sink ugliness and decided to go for one sink and an armoire of sorts. Remember how it looked before?

After lots of searching, I found these Home Decorators Stack and Store pieces at Home Depot. Perfect, because I really couldn’t find one piece of furniture that was the right size and had the right storage for our family. This way, I can create my own. Love that.

I went with one 24-inch drawer cabinet and two 24-inch door cabinets, along with 5-inch leg kit for the base. They just came in the mail earlier today, and I’m stoked. Each of these separate pieces came delivered ALREADY ASSEMBLED.

That makes me very happy. Trust me — our entire kitchen is new from Ikea. You get the drift.

So all we had to do was attach the legs, stack, adjust the shelves, and there you go. At first we planned to stack all three units as one tall armoire:

But we decided it seemed a bit … tall and skinny. Kinda scary with little kids around, kids who like to climb on drawers and shelves to retrieve bandaids.

So instead, we removed the top unit, and are going to attach it to the wall above the toilet (yep, they come with fixtures for wall mounting!):

(No, this isn’t our toilet. It’s a can of paint. It’s where our toilet is going. One step at a time. Oh, and by the way, sorry for the blurry darkness of these photos — they’re done on my iPhone because I can’t find our DSLR. I’m sure it’s in a box … somewhere.)

So here’s our new linen closet as two units:

And here’s how it looks inside:


I really love it. We still need to finish the sink (it helps a lot when it’s connected to water) reattach the baseboards, and hang a mirror, but this is the basic gist of our master bath.

I’ll share more pictures as we completely finish the bathroom. But I’m happy with the progress so far!

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