iLorax: Truffula Shuffula is the New Seussian App Your Kids Will, and I Quote, “Die Without.”

My nine-year-old daughter – who is known to be something of an iPod aficionado and computer geek – is obsessed with the new Lorax movie spin-off app, Truffula Shuffula. After watching her play the game endlessly on our iPad for days, I decided I needed to find out what this whole Shuffula thing was about, and moreover, that THE WORLD NEEDED TO KNOW.

Me: Sooooo what’s this whole Shuffula thing about, hmm?

Her: Well, there are these Truffula Trees and, like, sugar cubes or something. And you’re trying to get three or more in a row and… are you really taping this?

Me: Yes. Do go on. So it’s a game where you’re trying to connect objects together.

Her: Yes. And they have to be the same thing and the same color.

Me: This sounds familiar. Isn’t there a little kid’s game like this?

Her, annoyed: No.


Her, with serious face: Yes.

Me: Okay, so what do you like about it?

Her, dreamily: Everything. I like trying to connect all the things. It’s fun. And I like, like, the little voices of the characters that say quotes from the movie when you get 3 or more things connected. And I really like the trailer at the end. The Lorax comes up to a truffle tree after a guy chops it down and is all “did you cut down this tree?” and then the guy points behind the Lorax and is all “GASP!” and then the Lorax is all —

Me, interrupting: Oooookay I think that’ll do.

Her: It’s awesome.

Me: I gather. So if you had to give this application stars —

Her, interrupting: What’s an apalacasion?

Me: APPLICATION. It’s what all those things on the iPad and your iPod Touch are. The GAMES.

Her: Oh.

Me: Anyway, 1-4 stars, how many would you give it?

Her: 10.

Me, laughing: 10? Okay. Really? Out of 4?

Her: Yep.

Me: Impressive.

Her, straight-faced: I will die without the Truffula Shuffula.*

And there you have it. Parents, according to my daughter your kids may DIE without this app. And really, what kind of parent are you if you’re risking your children’s life by not getting them a 100% TOTALLY FREE app?

I think we both know the answer to that question, amirite?

Okay then, get thee The Shuffula:

For iPod/iPhone/iPad:
For Android:

*Yes, my daughter did actually say this without prompting, and I actually have it on tape. Like many kids her age, she’s a walking talking Disney ad.

PS: We also had fun with The Official Lorax app, which allows you to Lorax-ify any image, like so:

Keith Urban looks fetching, doncha think?

I rest my case. Download it (FREE!) for iPhone/iPad/iPod here: or for Android here:

**A big thanks to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax for sponsoring this campaign.  Click here to see more of the discussion.**


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