i’m a mean, horrible mommy AKA why my kid doesn’t have a cell phone

Peyton MayhewMy 8yo was on the phone with a friend.

A landline.

How archaic!

I heard my daughter’s classmate ask, “Do you have an IPhone? So we can text?”

“No,” my daughter answered mournfully.

“Well, what do you text with?”  the friend asked, obviously bewildered at this answer.

“I don’t have a cellphone,”….you could almost hear her finish the sentence “BECAUSE MY MOMMY DOESN’T LOVE ME”.

They chattered a few minutes more about Peyton’s unfortunate phone circumstances. Then finished with plans to see each other after spring break.

**SIDE NOTE: that would be the spring break where I’m taking the kids on a trip to Florida. Instead of paying for a new IPhone 7.

After the hangup, Peyton questioned the decision to keep her phone-less.

I thought about it.

The room she rarely kept clean.

The receipt for the books she’d lost and had to pay to replace.

The lunchbox she forgets to empty on Friday, and on Monday has nice pungent aroma.

The stuff she just puts down and leaves behind because she’s DONE. (LIKE THE CHICKEN WING WE FOUND IN THE VAN FOUR DAYS LATER) (BINGO!)

I could have spent hours coming up with reasons she wasn’t ready to have a smartphone.

But I didn’t.

I came up with one and it was one that she wasn’t going to argue.

“You can have a phone for texting when you match up your own socks and put them away.”

She hung her head as she left.

Mom = 1

8yo = 0


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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