Images of Adults that Never Grew Up

never-grow-upWhen we’re kids we can’t wait to get all growed up. For those that do grow up, it can switch around completely, and suddenly the drivers license and the place of our own doesn’t seem as bright and shiny as Legos and a pillow fort did.

Some of us are able to dodge the bullet of time in a way, remaining emotionally young at heart. Others might say we’re stunted or immature or that we’re going to get arrested if we keep making a secret lair out of the circular clothes racks at department stores. Don’t listen to those old bags of dust and disappointment. They’re closer to the twilight of life than you are and are probably just jealous that you seem to be cheating Time’s unbreakable rule.

Let’s play pretend, shall we?

What would it look like if we could look in a mirror and see what age we were inside? To see how old we’d grown or not in comparison to our wrinkled, flabby, hairy bodies?

  • Yep! 1 of 18
    That was me!
  • ! 2 of 18
  • Whoa. 3 of 18
  • Hmph! 4 of 18
    I'm holding my breath until you stop being mean!
  • Ooooh. 5 of 18
    No waysies!
  • Teehee! 6 of 18
    I doooon't knoooow.
  • Uhhh. 7 of 18
    I don't get it.
  • Heh heh. 8 of 18
    Heh heh.
    I dare you to try it.
  • AHH! 9 of 18
    Did you hear that!?!
  • Haha! 10 of 18
    That is like the best thing ever!
  • Pleeeease! 11 of 18
    I'll be your bestest friend!
  • Eep! 12 of 18
    First edition still in the wrapper!
  • Huh? 13 of 18
    I can hear you but I'm probably not really listening.
  • Urg! 14 of 18
    I'm so mad I'm gonna 'splode!
  • Hmmm. 15 of 18
    Yeah, you got me.
  • Ya-huh. 16 of 18
    I'm all that and all of the bags of chips.
  • Seriously? 17 of 18
    No way! Ha ha!
  • Yay! 18 of 18
    High five, everyone!

Master Photoshoppery by Cristian Girotto

Now ask yourself: how old am I inside?

When was the last time you leapt up to try to tag a low hanging sign, blew an outrageous bubble with an entire pack of gum, or ran a stick along a fence to hear it clatter?

Try it.

Living and feeling young is the best life to have; the body will take care of the steady plod towards elderliness and hair in weird places. Making your head and heart more youthful is a lot more profound and a lot less expensive than trying to make your body look young again.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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