Inspiring Quotes for Parents of Children with Special Needs



It’s not easy to describe the experience of raising a child with special needs. From the outside, it may look challenging and stressful. But in the heart of a parent, it is a wonderful experience of evolution and personal growth.

Parents of kids with special needs don’t see a disability when they look at their kids. Instead, they see the most precious and wonderful blessing of their lives. They see their child.

We share our life experiences, our kids’ smiles and their achievements, not as a way to convince ourselves and others of their perfection, but simply as parents whose children are their pride and joy. We talk about our kids’ disabilities not to label them, but to make others aware of all our similarities and the great efforts our children make to achieve their goals.

Still, even the most resilient of parents needs some inspiration and reassurance sometimes. These quotes were not specifically created to explain the experience of raising a child with special needs, but they are a good reminder to all of us to see the beauty, joy and hope in our everyday lives with our children.

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    My kids have taught me that sometimes joy is so intense that laughing is not enough to celebrate. I have learned to cry tears of joy and to smile with serenity during the tough times.
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    Life is a roller coaster of emotions. The secret to enjoying it is to always believe that after the scary times, there will be peace, followed by satisfaction and strength.
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    People with disabilities have the power to demonstrate that everything is possible. Logic is an illusion compared with the power of determination.
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    Love is limitless; it's a miracle by itself.
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    We are more alike than different, but we are all individuals, with unique abilities and needs.
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    The first step to enjoying your child is to learn to dream new dreams and understand that his disability is not a shame or a tragedy. It's just a different way of living and loving with different abilities.
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    All you need has been given to you with your child. You've got love. Everything starts from there.
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    Challenges make us grow; you'll never be the same after receiving a child with special needs. You will become a much better person.
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    We all need to be challenged to give our best. Challenges make us grow. Challenges keep us alive.
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    We are more alike than different, but we are all individuals, with unique abilities and needs.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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