Instagram Is Even More Awesome with New Filters and Effects

We love our Instagram, right? For many, it is a favorite social media destination for sharing photos. It had a couple of bells and whistles (read: filters) that made dolling up photos fun.


For plenty users, that was sufficient. But other more “serious” photographers, or anyone wanting the ability to edit their photos before sharing on Instagram, would do so with third party apps.


Happily, Instagram has just made that process far easier with its most recent update.



It’s now one-stop shopping with the addition of new photo editing features right in the app. And Instagram is still everyone’s favorite price … free!

New Features:

1. Filters (Wand Icon)

Those fun filters we’ve always enjoyed on Instagram? Now if you double click on it, the slider allows you to adjust the strength of the filter. So you can add a little bit of the filter, or a whole lot of the filter. Think of it like adjusting the opacity of the filter overlaid on your photo. LOVE it.

 2. Lux (Sun Icon)

Lux itself isn’t new, but it also now has a slider which allows you to adjust how much “Lux” you want. For those of you unfamiliar with Lux allows you to balance exposure and adds a crispness to images.

 3. Features (Wrench Icon)

These new features add a pretty much infinite range of possibilities when it comes to your images. Play around with them, and you’ll see how things can be dramatically transformed.

Adjust. Allows you to crop and/or straighten images. Straighten is especially helpful for landscapes when that horizon line is off kilter!

Brightness.  Swiping left and right allows you to alter the overall brightness of the image.

Contrast. Increase or decrease the contrast, which means dark areas are darker and light areas are lighter.

Warmth. Changes the images color balance towards warmer colors or cooler colors. This goes a long way in changing mood.

Saturation. Increases the intensity of the colors in your image; depending upon your images, you can go from soft muted shades to deep, rich colors … or vice-versa.

Highlights. Makes the highlights brighter or darker.

Shadows. Makes the lowlights darker or brighter.

Vignette. Darkens the perimeter of the image to create a central focal point. This can also add an “old-timey” feeling to your photos.

Tilt Shift. Selects an area of focus in the image. You can do either radial or linear, meaning either radiating out from a circle or from a line.

Sharpen. Makes the image crisper.

What’s your favorite new feature in Instagram? Share in comments!

Image courtesy of unsplash.com

Featured image courtesy of Flicker

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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