One-Der Woman: An Instant Confidence Boost!

power jewelry finalA big life transition can eat up a lot of energy, brainpower and enthusiasm during a time when we need all of our resources to make smart decisions, take big leaps and to act authentically. Investing in long-term self-care, programs and routines that will fuel your body and mind and spirit, is critical for being your best self under stress and during change.

I tell every woman I know who is thinking about, embarking on or in the middle of a divorce that one of my best bits of advice is to make a list of all the ways you can help yourself stand taller, think clearer and be more you. That might mean a more regular yoga practice, finding a great-fit therapist, going to bed earlier, or pounding out the tough stuff on a run or in Zumba or with a jump rope.  The more we can balance out the pain or uncertainty with clarity and calm, the more confident we feel. We know this. We know it. It’s hard to practice, but we do know it.

I also know that, as much as we care for ourselves throughout the days or weeks or months, there are moments when we need to put on confidence we might not be feeling in the moment or ever or yet. There’s a nerve-wracking meeting or a high-stakes negotiation, a court appearance or job interview or first date. In these cases, I recommend that you take one minute and put on some confidence — some shiny, sparkly, wowzer confidence — in the form of power jewelry.

Standing before a judge, introducing yourself to a potential client, or greeting an online-dating crush? Here’s how one pearl necklace (not that kind, but also…yes, that kind) or cocktail ring can change the way you walk into a room.



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