International Act Like a 5-Year Old Day

It’s Noah’s birthday. He turns five today, and as I contemplate just how funny and awesome a human being he is, I can’t help but think I should do something to honor this kid who completes me.

So to do that, I hereby declare today to be International Act Like a 5-Year Old Day! Participation is mandatory. If you don’t participate, you’ll be given extra chores and you won’t get to watch Sponge Bob for at least a week!

To properly celebrate IALA5OYOD (it just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) you should make sure to do the following throughout the day.

  1. You should sneak treats from the cupboard when nobody is looking.
  2. You should giggle like crazy when somebody unintentionally makes a funny face.
  3. You should find another random person and make a friend. Instantly.
  4. You should put your socks on upside down.
  5. You should walk out of the garage and look at the sky before you get into your car.
  6. You should be thrilled when somebody offers you a free sticker. And you should wear it proudly.
  7. You should drop some of the food you don’t want to eat under the table.
  8. You should walk up and scratch your dad’s back just because you know he likes it.
  9. You should remember something exciting when you wake up and literally jump out of bed in anticipation.
  10. Speaking of beds, you should go into your bedroom and jump on yours.
  11. You should tell your parents that you want them to do something fun with you.
  12. You should feel accomplished when you do something that was hard for you, even when it’s tiny.
  13. You should pull your pants to your ankles at the urinal just because you can.
  14. You should run full speed when somebody calls your name.
  15. You should read your favorite book again, even though you’ve read it a hundred times.
  16. You should draw a pretty picture for somebody who you know would like it.
  17. You should pray about the things that matter most to you, no matter how silly they seem.
  18. You should let things go when they don’t go your way.
  19. You should remember something amazing that you saw at the store and work as hard as it takes for as long as it takes to earn it.
  20. You should recognize when you’re not yet skilled at something and insist you can do it anyway.
  21. You should get down on your dog’s level and make funny sounds in his face.
  22. You should do a jigsaw puzzle just to prove that you can.
  23. You should do a harder jigsaw puzzle just to prove that you can.
  24. You should feel sad when something doesn’t happen the way you expected it to.
  25. You should openly tell others your fears without worrying about how tough you seem.
  26. You should turn on the fireplace and just stare at the flames because fire still fascinates you.
  27. You should insist that you get to help in the kitchen, no matter the task.
  28. You should be perfectly content with a dirty house for the day.
  29. You should make up stories about animals and monsters and dinosaurs that are running alongside your car while you drive.
  30. You should run around in your underwear because pants are too hot.
  31. You should call your mom or dad on the phone because you just want to hear their voice.
  32. You should brag about how awesome your younger siblings are to others.
  33. You should forgive people when they hurt your feelings. And in minutes, not days.
  34. You should hug everyone goodbye when you leave. Even when you don’t know them.
  35. You should enjoy games that involve you flying through the air and landing on soft surfaces.
  36. You should enjoy going for walks.
  37. You should call up your friend and ask if she wants to play.
  38. You should cry when you have to leave somebody before you’re ready to.
  39. You should sing along to every song you know. You also shouldn’t be content unless everyone else is singing along with you.
  40. You should think about and miss the people who aren’t in your life anymore.
  41. You should wear your favorite shirt two days in a row even though it’s dirty.
  42. You should chew two pieces of bubble gum at the same time.
  43. You should believe that you’re bigger and stronger and wiser than you really are.
  44. You should stop at the gumball machines and check out the new loot.
  45. Then you should ask for a quarter from someone you love.
  46. And please don’t forget to smile every time you think a happy thought.

And that’s it. Pretty simple list, really! Why did we all have to go and become grown-ups anyway?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What other attributes do children have that we would all do well to emulate a little more? Have you ever just let go of adult life and tried to be a kid for the day?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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