iPhone Apps you Should Download This Week

apps for the iphoneSummer is here. Popcicles, watermelons, fireflies and sweaty everythings.

Time for new apps. Why? Because it’s always time for new apps. Hello, apps are awesome.

Every week I’m over the moon about different apps. How did we survive without them? Apps make life so much more fun..the goodies and awesomeness abound.  You say you want to know what some of my favorites apps this week are?  Funny you should ask…

  • Rotary dialer iphone app 1 of 10
    Rotary dialer iphone app
    Have you ever tried to explain to a kid what a rotary dial is? They just don't get it. "You put your finger in the number and then circle around until the little metal thingy stops you." Now you can show them.
  • What the font? 2 of 10
    What the font?
    What the font? Snap a photo and voila! This app tells you what it is. LOVE THIS app. Kanye isn't the only one that gets emotional over fonts.
  • ReelDirector 3 of 10
    ReelDirector isn't messing around. Splice, fade, dissolve, record soundtrack or import music. This is the reel deal.
  • Clear by Real Mac 4 of 10
    Clear by Real Mac
    Need to clear your schedule? Or organize it, perhaps? Clear by RealMac is the best list-maker ever. For more info, check out the video below.
  • ScanBizCards 5 of 10
    Buh-bye stacks of business cards. ScanBizCards does just that...scans cards, files them away for you so that you're never fumbling to find that house painter again.
  • Kullect 6 of 10
    Kullect it. Super fun and social way to organize and share photos, videos, and thought about places and experiences. Love.
  • SmartSync 7 of 10
    Smartsync updates your contact list with their Facebook when they call, Voila! You can see their face and most recent update.
  • Lemon 8 of 10
    I'm done with tucking receipt in pockets, wallets, and envelopes. Lemon lets you capture all of your receipts, organize them, and find out just where your money is going.
  • One Thousand Gifts 9 of 10
    One Thousand Gifts
    One Thousand Gifts helps you find and remember the beauty, grace, and gift in your everyday life. "Capture your gifts. Count your blessings. Share your joy as it happens."
  • How I use One Thousand Gifts… 10 of 10
    How I use One Thousand Gifts...
    I use this app to keep track of memories and document things with a picture privately. The book was life changing, the app helps me make gratitude a daily habit.

Here is more about Clear. Pretty cool, eh?

Source: via Max on Pinterest

What about you? What apps do you love this week? Don’t keep them to yourself. 🙂



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