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Photo Editing on the iPhone

Meet Charlotte. She’s my new buddy. She dropped by the other day and now we hang out together regularly.

She’s lovely, huh? She sports a pretty yellow polka dot frock and her legs go on forever. 🙂

So we did a little photo shoot with my trusty iPhone, and of course I had to do some post-processing to do Charlotte’s beauty justice. For this photo editing I only used the apps Snapseed and VSCOcam on my iPhone; who needs fancy schmancy software when you can get everything done with a few favorite apps?

One of my favorite iPhone photo editing workflows features Snapseed followed by VSCOcam. I start with Snapseed and then put a few finishing touches with VSCOcam. Easy peasy and fun, too!

Anyway, I’ve told Charlotte all about you, and she thought I should share my iPhone photo editing workflow with you. She’s a giver, she is.

Without further ado, here you go.

iPhone photo editing tips. The complete mobile photography editing workflow.

  • Oh hello new spider friend outside my window. 1 of 10

    I like the clever zig-zag on your web.  And your zippy yellow spots complement beautifully the orange on your legs. Thanks for setting up your home outside of my window. I just had to take a photo of you and your pretty self. 

  • I shall call her Charlotte. 2 of 10
    Photo Oct 16, 7 54 37 AM

    The photo doesn't do her justice. So I opened it up in Snapseed and started by adjusting the contrast; this is the relationship between the light and dark parts of a photograph. I bumped it up quite a bit, which made the brights brighter and the darks darker. 

  • Because she worked so hard on that spiderweb… 3 of 10
    Photo Oct 16, 7 54 51 AM

    I sharpened up the image a bit. This makes everything more defined...kind of like adjusting the focus. Look at how her zig-zags shine! 

  • Now I bump up the structure. 4 of 10

    See how it makes the details pop? Charlotte is going to love how those spots of hers really steal the show!

  • Charlotte and her zig-zag web needed a little ambiance. 5 of 10

    This gives her even more POP off of the background. Ambiance control is like helps balance the light in an image. Since she was getting a lot of light from behind her, I added ambiance to help to reduce the flatness in the image.  

  • And now we’re done with Snapseed. Onto VSCOcam! 6 of 10

    Open up the VSCOcam filters by clicking that little paintbrush.

  • Have you never been mellow? 7 of 10

    Charlotte is no garden-variety garden spider, so she needed a little mystery added to her photo. VSCOcam's F2 filter did the trick...a bit of mellow. Perfect for hanging around.

  • A wee bump on the highlights. 8 of 10

    Just to brighten it all up a tad.

  • And the slightest punch on the shadows. 9 of 10

    Those long legs needed to be emphasized.

  • Tada! Beautiful Charlotte. 10 of 10
    Snapseed and VSCOcamp iPhone

    My new buddy. All prettied up by Snapseed and VSCOcam and my trusty iPhone.


Here’s a before and after-

iphone photo editing tips. photography workflow

What’s your favorite photo editing app? Share in the comments!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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