Is It A Boy? Or A Girl? Fun Ways To Reveal The Sex Of Your Baby

Things have certainly changed since I gave birth to my first child nearly twenty years ago. I didn’t have a reveal party, or get a push present, or host a sip-n-see after my daughter was born. It was all I could do to hold it together, what with all the crying and wailing….coming from me…for probably the first three months, OK four. I had no idea what I was doing and on top of that, my precious little bundle of joy had colic. Not only was I not in a celebratory mood, I considered running away from home.

Fast forward twenty years. I survived the newborn stage. Four times. And now my oldest is having a baby of her very own. How fun this will be! For me! I mean, I get to do all the cool stuff and ooh, and ahh, and cuddle and snuggle the teeny infant and then pass off the little bugger when he starts crying. Or poops!

Early in her pregnancy my daughter expressed an interest in having a reveal party and asked if I would help host it. Of course I was all, “Yes! I would love to! What’s a reveal party?”

Thanks to Google and the invention of Pinterest, I now know. And I’m sharing what I learned with you!


  • What’s In A Name? 1 of 7

    If you have picked out names for your baby, consider sharing them with your friends and family. They will be super supportive of your name choices and will not chime in with their own suggestions. Probably.

  • Take Home Treats 2 of 7

    You can purchase small glass jars (at most craft stores) and fill them with pink and blue candies (I used Hershey Kisses). Write "boy" and "girl" on the jars and tie pink or blue ribbon around the top. These make cute take-home gifts for party-goers. They also make wonderful shot glasses for when the baby won't stop crying.

  • Guessing Game 3 of 7

    Have guests guess the sex of the baby upon arrival. It makes them feel like they have some control over the situation. 

  • HE & HER 4 of 7

    On individual Hershey chocolate bars, highlight HE on half of them, and HER on the other half. 

  • The Table 5 of 7

    Don't get crazy with the food. It's a reveal party, not a Downton Abbey watching party. If your food is too good or too plentiful, you'll never get these bozos to leave. 

  • The Cake 6 of 7

    OK, so here it is. The cake that holds the answer to the question: What the heck is it? Inside this bad boy is a layer of frosting. The color of the frosting reveals the baby's sex. Pink for a for get it, right?

  • The Reveal 7 of 7

    IT'S A BOY!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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