Is It Wrong To Raid Your Kids’ Candy? Halloween Edition! (#89-#99)

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    Is it so wrong to pluck your favorite candy from the kids' Halloween stash and hide it? They don't need all that sugar, right? You are saving their teeth! They should thank you!

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    What is up when your kid convinces you to buy some $40 costume that consists of a flimsy shirt that says "iCarly" and a pair of cheap leggings—and then she wears a damn hoodie over it, anyway?
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    Who are these people whose home decorations can best be described as Halloween on steroids? What do they do with their kids during all the time it takes them to put that stuff up? Do they even have kids?

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    How is it kids will gladly spend three hours trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and wail when you tell them it's time to go home, but if you ask them to, say, go borrow a rake from the next door neighbor they're all, "But Mommy, I'm tired!"

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    Doesn't it make you feel like a slightly pathetic parent when you suck at pumpkin carving? And don't you feel even worse when you tell your tots that carved pumpkins are supposed to look that way?

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    Is it also wrong to prep your children to choose your favorite candy when offered a selection?

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    Remember how your mom told you to watch out for crazy people who put razor blades in apples and gave them to kids? WAS SHE TELLING THE TRUTH?

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    Pumpkin picking is a lovely fall activity and all, but does it drive anyone else just a little batty to be out in a field with nothing but rows of pumpkins, hordes of over-enthused pumpkin hunters and a child who wants to take twenty home?

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    Shouldn't candy corn come with a warning label: "May cause extreme sugar high in children that can last indefinitely. No known cure."

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    Is it nuts to want to have another child in part so you can dress him/her in one of those insanely adorable kiddie Halloween costumes?

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